CBM supports Vietnam’s first Shadow Report to the UNCRPD

Stories | October 12, 2021

In Vietnam, more than six million people have a disability. Ensuring and upholding the human rights of people with disabilities is fundamental to their freedom and dignity.

In April 2021, the umbrella Vietnamese Federation of Disabilities (VFD) submitted its first Shadow Report to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Following years of consultations with thousands of people with disabilities, the report documented the situation of disability in Vietnam, from the perspective of people with disabilities. It provided key information and perspectives to UN Committees on the Vietnamese government’s actions towards meeting international commitments and upholding human rights.

To support VFD in developing the Shadow Report, CBM worked with partner Action to the Community Development Centre (ACDC) on a project to strengthen the capacity of OPDs in Vietnam in the monitoring and implementation of the UNCRPD following its ratification in 2015, and in collecting evidence to feed into the report

Around 2,270 people (92 per cent with disabilities) were involved, across 22 provincial Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs). There were many national consultation workshops and thematic meetings. The project improved connections across the existing network of OPDs, and led to the formation of new OPDs, strengthening the disability movement across Vietnam.

“Connection between OPDs is the biggest impact of the Shadow Report process. Previously OPDs had connections based on relationships. The Shadow Report helped create a network across country.” – ACDC project staff

Training of trainers increased OPD capacity, improving their understanding of disability rights and strengthening national advocacy efforts. Trainings were replicated by OPDs and enabled local authorities to learn about disability rights, improving their awareness of and purpose of OPDs. It also led to greater awareness of the need to better represent all types of disabilities.

The Shadow Report is a major achievement for the Vietnamese disability movement, and for ACDC, who played a major role supporting this process. It improved government understanding of disability issues in Vietnam and is the first step for OPDs in holding their government accountable on disability commitments. It represents a strong foundation for continued progress towards a more disability inclusive Vietnam and is a model that other Asian OPDs can learn from.

CBM and the Monitoring, Evaluation & Advocacy for the Implementation of the CRPD and Disability Rights in Vietnam project was supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).  

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