Big Dreams Back for Sudip

Stories | August 27, 2020

Big dreams back for Sudip

Returning to school after his second cataract surgery was a big milestone for Sudip. When he initially stopped going to school, the five-year old’s vision problems prevented him from being able to read the blackboard or learn with his classmates.

Now, after successful cataract surgeries and with a new pair of prescribed glasses from CBM partner Eye Hospital, Sudip couldn’t have been more excited to get back to the classroom.

Asked what he was more looking forward to, Sudip said reading and writing the alphabet, singing rhymes with his friends and playing football on the school grounds.

Sudip had been told by the doctors that his vision would gradually improve over the coming weeks and months, but he still beamed from ear to ear at being able to see and do things he hadn’t for years.

Three months after the second surgery, Sudip and his father Sher Bahadur made the six-hour trip to the CBM partner Eye Hospital for a review of his operated eyes, where the doctor informed them the boy had developed a common condition called amblyopia, where one eye is stronger than the other.

It was recommended Sudip try ‘patching’, where the stronger eye is covered by an eye patch for several hours a day to force the patient to use their weaker eye, and he was prescribed a new pair or glasses with different lenses.

These interventions were successful, Sudip’s eyesight continued to get stronger, and so did his ability to live the life expected of a normal five-year old boy.

When CBM fieldworker Parshuram, who initially referred Sudip to the CBM partner Eye Hospital, visited the family six months after his second surgery, he shone a torch into Sudip’s eyes and saw they looked perfectly fine.

Sher Bahadur spoke with pride about his son’s progress.

“He can do all routine activities on his own. We hardly need to assist him with any of the daily activities like bathing, eating or dressing for school,” he said.

“There isn’t a single minute when the boy sits quietly. From the time he wakes up till he goes to school, he keeps playing around the house. He has become really curious and inquisitive; he keeps asking a lot of questions about his surroundings.”

Sudip also joined his siblings for the 45-minute walk to school, through tall grasses, rice fields and hills, each day. This is something that he would never take for granted, having struggled to get to school before his surgeries.

Sher Bahadur told Parshuram his work, and that of the CBM partner Hospital, had changed the lives of not only little Sudip but of the whole family.

“I’m so grateful to you and your organisation, Sudip has turned a new leaf after receiving cataract surgery.

“Last year the boy couldn’t attend classes during the monsoon… this year, I’m convinced Sudip can reach school safely. He is full of confidence and excitement. We are so happy for him. Thank you for giving him a new life.”

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