Abdurahman had a dream that he wanted to work a motorcycle repair shop

Stories | May 11, 2020

Abdurrahman (above left) is helping a car mechanic during repair work. He is a person with an intellectual disability who has gained new income from his new job as a mechanic assistant in an auto repair business.

Abdurrahman (40 years old) lives with his wife and his 4th grader boy in a small village in Blang Bintang sub-district, Aceh Province of Indonesia.

His used to work for a motorised rice mill around the village received payment less than $1 a day. His income was very small that it was far from being enough to pay his family expenses.

Abdurrahman never asked, but just willingly received any amount paid to him. Sometimes his wife complained and taught him that he was often not paid fairly, but Abdurrahman remained in his stance not to put a tariff.

His innocent figure was sometimes misused by some people, and because of his shortcomings, people often made a joke about and laughed at him.

Despite his disability, Abdurahman had a dream that he wanted to work a motorcycle repair shop, but he realised that no one will hire him with his limitations.

Abdurrahman was one CBID project beneficiary, who joined the project internship program at a car repair business. He is a very enthusiastic and diligent individual that never take a day off even though he is sick. Abdurahman thinks that the business owner will find someone else to replace him if he is absent from work.

The owner sometimes used feel annoyed by Abdurrahman’s attitudes, but later the owner understands Abdurrahman is a different person with unique ability. He also understands that Abdurrahman has never been outside of his village and has very limited friends. The owner decided to hire his trainee as new employee after his three-month internship.

Now Abdrurahaman feels valued. He meets and talks to new people as an almost everyday event though he still has some difficulties to use right language expressions during conversations.

Another change is a new decent income. As an assistant, Abdurahman received a daily income $5-10 per day, depending on number of customers. He is very happy because he is now able to fulfil the needs of his family better than before.

Australian AidCBM Australia acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). ANCP supports between 20 and 30 of our programs annually. The government’s support alongside that of our generous Australian donors, and trusts and foundations ensure people with disabilities living in the poorest communities are not left behind.

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