A woman with insight: CBM supporter Val Cooksey’s story

Stories | August 28, 2023

After a few minor mishaps, CBM supporter Val Cooksey realised that she would need to give up night driving. Glaucoma was making it harder and harder for Val to see clearly at night. No longer being able to drive at night, has had a big impact on Val’s life. Fortunately for Val, her Glaucoma is assisted by effective medication. 

Val has helped CBM’s mission for many years now and recalls a meeting in a retirement home, where the supporters were pleasurably serenaded by a singer with blindness.

Val experienced short-sightedness from an early age. At school she had trouble reading the blackboard. After informing her mother of this, she was taken to an optometrist who prescribed glasses. Through this Val developed a real empathy for the sight issues experienced by others.

With her husband, who worked in allied health, Val ventured into mission work, visiting places like India, Kazakhstan and Papua New Guinea. This mission work further connected her with the work of CBM. 

She loves CBM’s ‘Prayer Diary’ and regularly prays to the Lord for the organisation and those it serves.

While Val acknowledges the diversity of CBM’s work, her heart remains in the saving of sight. “It is wonderful,” she enthused.

Thank you, Val, for your faithful prayers and support. Despite sight challenges you offer such a clear vision.

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