A Prayer for our Partners

Prayer for our Partners Edwina Faithful-Farmer

Please join in quiet contemplation as I pray.

Dear God, Our hearts are deeply concerned for communities, people with disabilities and their families, for partner organisations, their staff and leaders facing the pandemic and we want to learn from their grace and perseverance.

We bring them to you today. We trust in your goodness, mercy and compassion. We look at Jesus’ life and know your deep concern too is for those in great need and at risk.

We know already those living with least day to day, expected to live in ‘lock down’, need food, safety and water. They need human care. Please bring it to them.

We know already many don’t have access to good information to protect themselves and their families from the virus. We ask for accessible, reliable information quickly.

For leaders of partners and of communities, we ask for calm, insight and brilliant choices. That their inclusive actions will serve people with disabilities well.

For people who are weary – we ask for rest and strength.

For people who are alone – to find company, community and build solidarity.

For people facing insecurity – to find safe people and safe places.

And that in these dreadful times; that amazing things happen; that communities and leaders can pull together overcoming old rivalries and discrimination.

We ask now Lord for your peace to be with our partners and their communities. Your peace, which passes all understanding.



Thank you to Edwina Faithfull Farmer, Director – International Programs for today’s prayer.