A Better World for All: a poem by Stevie Wills

Stories | January 24, 2023 | Author: Stevie Wills, Community Education Officer, CBM Australia

A better world for all.

A world where all

is accessible

For all, people.

What may be called

a tall call

would benefit all.

A world where

people with disabilities

have opportunities

to fully participate in their communities.

Enabling all to make contribution

benefits all.

This is a better world for all.

A world where

people dwell in equity

perceived with dignity

a gulf from reality

the reality I

bring to light

a spotlight

on the plight

of people with a disability

living in poverty

facing barriers to equity

within their community

to full participation



medical intervention



Thus, the situation

People with a disability

more likely

to live in poverty

and people living in poverty

have less


to medical intervention


vital public information



and this

increases the risk

of illness, infection

the acquisition

of disability.


Thus people in poverty

more likely

to live with disability

and people with a disability

more likely

to live in poverty.

This, the situation.

A persistent, unfair cycle

of poverty

and disability.


A better world for all

let us build

reducing barriers

removing barriers

build the inaccessible


into the accessible


Remove each barrier

to wheelchair



of variations

in forms of communication


But more insurmountable than stairs

are prejudice stares.


Rearrange the interior.

The densest of barriers


what we conclude

about disability

will eventuate

in how we relate

to people with disabilities

and their families.


It’s time for an interlude.

Check attitude

slide under microscope

to be reviewed.

For attitudes prelude

what it means to include

or exclude


A better world for all

let us build.

For this is the call.

Benefits all.

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