$33 is all it takes. Lucy is in. Are you?

Stories | July 23, 2020

On Miracles Day last year, Lucy travelled to a remote village in Nepal to meet patients at Nepal’s largest eye hospital where sight-saving surgery takes place multiple times each day. During her trip she and co-host Kel broadcast their Brekky Show live from Nepal and encouraged listeners to donate to Miracles Day.

As part of her visit this year, Lucy took a film crew filming the series Behind The Sash to record the amazing work taking place in Nepal.

Lucy says, “I’m so passionate about CBM because they change people’s lives… they do it quietly and unassumingly and they just do this miraculous work every single day, day in day out.  No bells and whistles… no “look at us!”

The gift of sight is one that is close to Lucy’s heart, inspiring her to shine the light on the life-changing work CBM and our partners do for those who are most in need.

“It’s not about looking down and saying ‘here we are, we’re Westerners and we’re going to save you’, it’s not that at all.  It’s about all being humans.  We have a lot, so let’s share that,” says Lucy.

On her recent trip, Lucy met Buzz, a four year old, whose family had travelled eight hours from India to reach the hospital in the hope he could have his sight restored.

Lucy, a mother herself, reflected when in the hospital “It’s incredible being in the paediatric ward and talking to other parents and thinking, if this was my daughter, I’d move heaven and earth to get her this operation”.

Seeing Buzz after surgery with his family, Lucy says “as a parent this is what drives me… I love being able to help other parents get their kids the help they need.  It really brings it home when you speak with someone who has the same age child”.

For $33 you can give the gift of sight to someone with cataracts. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness throughout the world. Although relatively simple to treat, cataracts often lead to permanent vision loss for people living in poverty who can’t afford surgery to remove them.

“$33 to me was a night at the movies, but to these people, that $33 operation was their life. It was their future, their hope,” says Lucy.

It takes a surgeon just 12 minutes to replace cloudy lenses with clear, new plastic lenses to last a lifetime. Restoring someone’s sight and improving their future.

$33 is all it takes. I’m in. Are you?

On Miracles Day, Thursday 6 August, give the Miracle of sight-saving surgery to someone living in poverty. Your $33 donation can change a life forever.

Click here to donate today.      

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