10 years of making Miracles

Stories | July 14, 2022

Not long ago, nine-year-old Sabina from Nepal couldn’t see. Cataracts were clouding her vision, and without surgery, she would have faced a lifetime of blindness and poverty.

Sabina’s mum would see blind children sitting on the street begging and prayed that Sabina would get her vision back and be able to return to school. But as a single mum, paying for cataract surgery was out of reach.

Thanks to caring people like you, who give so generously on Miracles Day, Sabina received free surgery to remove cataracts and restore her sight. She’s now back at school!

This wonderful Miracle was made possible because of people like you.

In the lead-up to the 10th anniversary of Miracles Day on Thursday, August 18, we’ll share heartwarming and joyous stories of people receiving the Miracle gift of their sight restored.

Stories like 37-year-old Janice from the Philippines, who just had her cataracts removed and her sight restored after spending 30 years struggling to see.

She says, “I’m really thankful for everyone who made this happen. You must be the angel that God has sent to grant my wish since I was young. You’d never know how much happiness you gave me and my family”. 

In 2021, thousands of giving Aussies came together to provide Miracles for children and adults in need. That support resulted in a record-breaking 59,219 Miracles given by wonderful supporters across Australia.

It’s going to be a fantastic month, and we are super excited to share stories of Miracles with you. So follow CBM to see the difference your Miracle can make.

This year, with your help, we hope to raise enough to give thousands more people the Miracle of sight.

$33 is all it takes to transform someone’s life, so please donate today to CBM’s 2022 Miracles Day campaign. 

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