Including All People
With Disabilities

People with different impairments may experience different challenges and barriers to inclusion. Their unique experiences may be due to compounding factors such as poverty, gender, ethnicity, impairment type and geographic location.

The challenges

For many people with diverse or significant impairments including Deaf people, people with psychosocial or intellectual disabilities, or people who have multiple impairments the experience of exclusion is often magnified. This is due, in part, to heightened stigma and discrimination from families, communities and service providers.

Unfortunately, policies and laws often exclude people with disabilities. Living in poor and remote communities can also magnify experiences of exclusion and discrimination.

children at school

Our work

CBM Australia’s advocacy seeks to highlight the particular and unique barriers faced by people with disabilities who are most left behind. We do this by raising awareness of their experiences and stories, and ensuring their voices are heard by decision makers.

In 2017, CBM Australia’s Policy and Advocacy team launched a report entitled Leave No One behind: Including all People with Disabilities in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The report highlighted the need to include all people with disabilities in efforts to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and was provided to Australian politicians and other decision-makers. 

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