Former AFL player in Nepal Read his incredible story

Experiences | September 12, 2019

We meet the premiership champion who’s in Nepal to support CBM Australia.

This year former West Coast Eagles footballer, Sam Butler, travelled to Nepal to join the CBM team and witness the sight-saving surgery being performed as a result of CBM Australia and their partners on the ground in Nepal.

It was an intense experience for Sam as he witnessed his first cataract surgery on a 12-year-old boy. “What really blew my mind is the surgery can be so quick. A life can be changed in under 15 minutes.”

With the generosity of the public, CBM has grown to be the world’s largest disability development organisation. They have a long history empowering people with disabilities, preventing blindness and supporting people with vision impairment in the world’s poorest nations.

“I knew CBM Australia raised money for an important cause, but when I saw it for myself, especially the pure impact on people’s lives, I was blown away.”

Sam travelled to Nepal to meet with the beautiful locals whose lives have changed forever as a result of regaining their vision through the donations and supporters of CBM Australia.  He spent the day at the eye hospital witnessing children, teenagers, men and women receive the 12-minute surgery that will change their lives.

Sajan and Sam Butler in Nepal with smiles all round.

 “It costs just $33 to give someone the miracle of sight-saving surgery and I don’t think you can get better bang for buck than that.” – Sam

This year we’ve raised over 40,000 miracle gifts of sight. With 20 million people in the world blind from cataracts, there’s still plenty of work to do. “Your $33 donation is a one-off gift that will allow a person to be able to work, connect with their family and to appreciate life.”

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