COVID-19 Crisis Appeal

YOU can save lives!

Now more than ever before, the people we exist to serve are most in need.

With hospitals and clinics still open to provide services to the most vulnerable, the most neglected, the most forgotten, CBM Australia is actively working with field partners to ensure essential programs are delivered and people with disabilities are included in response efforts.

Currently over one billion people are living with disabilities and they are unduly impacted during times of crisis and disaster. It is imperative that CBM continues to work with our partners to ensure no one is left behind.

Our COVID-19 priorities

  1. Equip our partner hospitals and clinics with health care equipment, including masks and gloves.
  2. People with disabilities and those most at risk are able to maintain their health and hygiene.
  3. Provide safe, clean water for washing and drinking, and cleaning products like soap.
  4. Provide emergency aid packages to those facing food crisis and starvation.

Ways you can help

CBM is working with our partners to pivot activities and general programming to specifically equip communities for COVID-19. Your donation will go towards a broad range of initiatives that support all our communities to better face the risk of COVID-19.

Our stories of impact

Responding to COVID-19 Philippines

Packaging Relief: Responding to COVID-19 in the Philippines

In light of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, CBM Australia’s projects have temporarily changed focus to provide immediate assistance to those in need. In the Philippines, a community project initially designed to prepare persons with disabilities and their communities for natural disasters such as typhoons has now adapted to prepare for new and ongoing challenges. Prior

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CBM Australia Country Office response to COVID-19 - Bangladesh man washing hands

Curbing the Spread: Preventative Measures in our Country Offices

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our country offices have taken precautions to ensure the safety of the staff and communities we work in. In addition to practising strong hygiene habits, the offices have undertaken the following steps: In Bangladesh, the Country Office has readily begun working from home as the whole country experiences lockdowns

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Indonesia CBM Australia House

COVID-19 Puts Further Pressure on People with Disability in Indonesia

The unfolding impact on the livelihoods for many in the communities CBM Australia and our partner organisation work in, presents another dimension of the COVID-19 crisis. Updates from our Country Office in Indonesia have reiterated that many people are now facing economic hardship resulting from the pandemic. “I am sad because the demand of my

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Cameroon Handwashing CBM Australia

COVID-19 and community care in Cameroon

In addition to civil unrest, the loss of lives and significant population displacement, the Northwest region of Cameroon is also bracing for the impact of COVID-19, but with so many displaced people, the task of flattening the curve has been made that much harder. “I have been preventing the virus by washing my hands with

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Prayer for our Partners Edwina Faithful-Farmer

A Prayer for our Partners

Please join in quiet contemplation as I pray. Dear God, Our hearts are deeply concerned for communities, people with disabilities and their families, for partner organisations, their staff and leaders facing the pandemic and we want to learn from their grace and perseverance. We bring them to you today. We trust in your goodness, mercy

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Living in Isolation with Disability

Stevie’s thoughts on handling isolation

As we take measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, our lifestyles are severely restricted. I have lived with physical restrictions all my life. I have cerebral palsy and in my adult years I have lived with fatigue and other health problems. This means I require plenty of rest and to spend a lot of

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Include people with disabilities in the COVID-19 response

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