Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID)

Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) happens differently according to the country context. Here are some examples of how CBID has developed and is operating in different countries, with detailed explanation available of what has enabled success in each situation.

An example of CBID in a context of decentralised government with legal and budgetary support for disability. NGOs and DPOs engage with local government.

How a local NGO service provider is taking a community mobilisation approach with local government and organisations, in a resource poor setting with limited government funding.

How three-way collaboration of government, NGO and DPOs has brought a CBID approach to scale in a low resource setting with strong political commitment.

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An example of a national NGO collaborating with government departments to deliver a similar model across the country, including remote communities.

How State-level NGOs support the development of local self-help groups and DPOs.

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