Are you interested in joining a supportive and truly global team that is part of a wider network of inclusion advisors across the globe? Is making development and humanitarian programming inclusion a passion of yours? Do you draw energy from helping others develop and realise their plans? Working in partnership with the disability movement? Diversity in your day to day tasks?

Then join a team where your day to day could include things like: Providing written advice on a UN helpdesk task; Supporting a country team to develop an advisory strategy; Coaching a local advisor on the best way to develop an advisory opportunity; Meeting with potential clients and scoping out opportunities; Writing proposals; Running workshops with clients or across the IAG network; Refining our systems including MEAL and communications, and so much more! If this sounds interesting, then this is the team and role for you!

The details are in the Snr Advisory, IAG Global team job are below. We are especially (though not exclusively) interested in hearing from those with experience and networks around climate action and related programming, working with UN entities at a global level and regional level, social protection, and an interest or ability to work at least part of their working day across Asian time zones.

We are keen to have someone in the post quickly so will begin talking with suitable candidates as they arise. So don’t delay your application!

About us

The Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) is a part of CBM Global Disability Inclusion, and the senior advisor would be employed by a suitable part of CBM Global.

CBM Global

Our Vision: an inclusive world in which all people with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.
Our Mission: fighting to end the cycle of poverty and disability.

Our Values:

  • We champion inclusion
  • We strive for justice
  • We pursue excellence
  • We embrace partnership
  • We live with integrity

While the world has been making progress in tackling poverty, people with disabilities are being left behind. CBM Global works alongside people with disabilities in the world’s poorest places to fight poverty and exclusion and transform lives. Driven by Christian values, we seek out and work with the most marginalised in society, irrespective of race, gender or religion, recognising the equal worth of every individual.

Drawing on over 100 years’ experience and world-leading expertise in disability-inclusive community development and humanitarian action, inclusive eye health and community mental health, CBM Global works with partners to break the cycle of poverty and disability and build inclusive communities. Our programmes across Africa, Asia and Latin America are developed and delivered with local partner organisations to ensure long-term transformation and accountability in communities we serve. We’re deeply committed to the principle of “nothing about us without us”, and we therefore work closely with and support organisations of people with disabilities.

CBM Global is made up of CBM Australia, CBM Ireland, CBM Kenya, CBM New Zealand, CBM Switzerland, and CBM UK with programmes worldwide and Country Offices in Philippines, Bangladesh, Laos, Nepal, Indonesia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Madagascar and Bolivia. CBM Global works in over 20 countries, maximising our impact through long-term, authentic partnership and a coordinated mix of inclusive community-based programmes, local to global advocacy and delivering inclusion advice to other organisations.

We draw on learning and evidence from our community work to inform our advocacy hand-in-hand with the Disability Movement at local, national and international levels, including with the UN, to achieve systemic change for people with disabilities. We advise governments, UN bodies and other organisations on how to ensure inclusion in their own organisations, policies and programmes to further amplify our impact.

The Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG)

At the Inclusion Advisory Group, we believe tailored input, communicated effectively, with the right people at the table can help make inclusion a reality. In partnership with the disability movement, associate organization and other consultants, the IAG creates change in organisations and institutions by providing technical assistance (TA) on policies and programmes, change facilitation, capacity strengthening and evidence of what works. We have provided tailored advice spanning from international and national policies and guidance to grassroots community development. Our advice is tailored for specific contexts and framed and aligned with relevant international frameworks and evidence on human rights. IAG has provided advice for 15 years to mainstream development and humanitarian partners, including various donors, development banks, UN entities and programmes, and non-government organisations. For more information about the work, our approach and impact of IAG please see the website.

The Role

Senior Advisor, Global Team, Inclusion Advisory Group
Full time, permanent (Though 0.8 FTE may be considered)

Reports to:
Director, Inclusion Advisory Group.

Job Overview

The job holder is a member of the IAG Global team and will accordingly contribute at a high level to the development and implementation of the Inclusion Advisory Group strategy and operations. The CBM Global IAG exists to support others to put inclusion into practice. We partner with the disability movement to influence humanitarian and development organisations, institutions and systems to realise the rights of persons with disabilities. This is done through a tailored combination of technical assistance (TA) on policies and programmes, change facilitation, capacity strengthening and evidence of what works.

As a member of the IAG Global team, the job holder will contribute to ensuring the IAG program is of sound quality, growing in line with CBM Global’s approach, appropriately resourced and promoted both internally and externally. This will be done through a combination of activities aimed at:

  • developing and enabling the IAG network through coaching and supporting local teams and development of resources; and
  • through the provision of quality, tailored technical advice to development and humanitarian stakeholders at the global level (e.g., UN entities, donors, international NGOs).

Our current work plan and opportunities, means we are particularly keen to hear from people with strong capacity development and development/humanitarian programming experience.

While the advisor is expected to work relatively independently, she/he will work collaboratively with the IAG Global team, including on our country programmes, and with other IAG colleagues inside and outside of CBM Global. The job holder is expected to demonstrate initiative, to develop and maintain partnerships with IAG clients and delivery partners, and to coach development partners and IAG advisors in the delivery of quality inclusion advice.

Based: This role can be based in any CBM Global Office. Applications are therefore encouraged from those with the right to work in: Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao PDR, Madagascar, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Zimbabwe, as well as Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, and the UK. Remote working is welcomed. Ideally, the candidate can work at least part of their working day with overlap with GMT.

Hours: The role is full time. The global nature of the role means working some flexible hours to accommodate meetings with colleagues and IAG partners in various time zones.

Salary range: The salary offered will be competitive and determined based on skills and experience.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Contribute to the cohesive running of the IAG global team and IAG programme through clear communication around individual work plans and commitments, involvement in regular team meetings, and contribution to monitoring, evaluation, learning.
  2. Monitoring and analysing advisory context, opportunities and resource needs to feed into IAG strategy, decision making and implementation. Including providing technical input into proposals, investment concepts, etc
  3. Provide quality inclusion advice to humanitarian and development partners, including advice in policy, programming, research and evidence and/or capacity development at national, regional and international levels.
  4. Represent IAG at meetings, conferences, and other events, in agreement with manager.
  5. Model and promote inclusive approaches in day-to-day work, aligned with CBM Global’s commitment to authentic partnership with people with disabilities and their representative organisations.
  6. Directly support the development of local IAG teams through a combination of facilitating strategy development and work planning, providing technical assistance for appraising and pursuing new advisory opportunities, linking to or designing relevant resources, and supporting then development of local IAG staff and associates.
  7. Develop resources, including but not limited to internal resources to support IAG growth (e.g., guidance notes, communications), and externally available resources (e.g., publications, training materials, etc. from within contracts, arising from IAG ME&L, etc.,).
  8. Actively participating in IAG’s capacity development and quality processes including reviewing, and having work reviewed by colleagues and associates, designing and facilitating workshops, webinars, etc.

Safeguarding responsibilities


  • Understands the incident management framework and their first responder role in recording, responding and reporting incidents.
  • Understands the survivor-centred approach and how to apply it when receiving a complaint or responding to an incident. Knows local support services available in the community or region, and how to engage them.


Able to listen and accurately document reported concerns and complaints. Able to respect the confidentiality of safeguarding allegations. Able to appropriately apply the survivor-centred approach.


Treats the survivor and others involved in an incident with dignity and respect.

Be assertive in implementing the initial incident response protocols by gaining the trust and cooperation of parties involved. Key outcomes expected from this role

  1. Develop strong and respected partnerships for Inclusion advisory work:
    a. Internally – within the CBM Global (e.g., with advocacy and humanitarian teams) and across CBM Global’s three levers of change (advocacy, advisory and field programs)
    b. Externally – with potential and current IAG clients and other implementing partners including Organisations of Persons with Disabilities and other IAG associate advisors.
  2. Contribution to cohesive and relevant strategy, business plan development and implementation for IAG – including for the IAG, global team and selected IAG markets for which the person is the global focal point.
  3. Contribute to wider CBM Global strategy and operations in agreement with manager.
  4. Progress the learning and development IAG advisors through a combination of resource development, coaching, peer reviews, and other capacity development initiatives.
  5. Deliver and support the delivery of high quality technical advice to IAG clients.
  6. Contribute to monitoring, evaluation and learning in relation to IAG.
  7. Contribute to growing the profile and reputation of IAG to support growth.

Person Specification

All of the following requirements are essential, unless marked with a * when they are desirable, and will be assessed from a combination of information provided from the application form and interview process.

CBM Global welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and people with lived experience of disability.


  • Demonstrated experience in an advisor role on policy, program and/or capacity development to governments and/or multilateral organizations.
  • Applied experience in humanitarian and/or one or more development sectors (e.g., education, livelihood and social protection, health, WASH, governance, etc.).
  • Demonstrated experience and networks in disability or other typically excluded groups including knowledge of and contribution to the realization of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities or a similar human rights instrument.
  • Demonstrated experience in different forms of capacity development and facilitation, ideally including curriculum design
  • Experience of working with people with disabilities and/or their representative organizations in advisory work, or in other humanitarian or development contexts, or experience practicing and promoting inclusion for other typically excluded groups*
  • Experience in organisational development and/or experience working in s start up or organisational scale up is welcomed*
  • Demonstrated experience in different aspects of accessibility is an advantage*

Skills/competencies/personal qualities

  • Demonstrated capability in strategic thinking and supporting strategy development.
  • A high level of proficiency in English (both written and spoken, suitable for government and inter-government fora).
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multilingual and culturally diverse environment with strong cross-cultural communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to develop and maintain networks, build partnerships and alliances, and influence the policy and practice of individuals and organizations
  • The candidate will have the ability to travel internationally where required.
  • A strong written and spoken proficiency in another language (especially French or Spanish), or international or national sign language) is an advantage*


  • Academic or extensive applied background in humanitarian and/or development studies, disability studies, social science or other relevant qualifications.
  • Post graduate qualifications in the above is an advantage*
    Employee Benefits
  • We offer a flexible and working from home culture.
  • As part of its commitment to its work with people with disabilities, CBM Global aims to help successfully employ and retain people with disabilities and those with health conditions. We have a comprehensive equality and diversity policy.

Useful Information

Shortlisting and Interviews

CBM Global is an equal opportunities employer, committed to ensuring all applications are treated fairly.
All applications are subject to our shortlisting process; if you are shortlisted, we will contact you and invite you to attend an online interview. You will also be advised at this point if there will be any skills tasks to complete as part of the recruitment process.

Diversity Policy Statement

Everyone has the right to be treated with consideration and respect. CBM Global is committed to achieving a truly inclusive environment for all, by developing better working relationships that release the full potential, creativity and productivity of each individual. CBM Global aims to ensure that all staff, volunteers, donors, partners, contractors, and the general public are treated fairly. This will be regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender re-assignment, marital or civil partnership status, race (including colour, nationality, ethnicity, or national origin), disability, medical status, age, religion or belief, political opinion, social or economic status, or ex-offender status.

Employment Checks

CBM Global is committed to the safety and best interest of all children and vulnerable adults accessing CBM Global supported services and programmes. Relevant background checks including working with children, police and reference checks will be completed prior to the preferred candidate’s employment being confirmed.

All applicants must have the right to work in the relevant country. All offers of employment are made subject to the following criteria:

Proof of eligibility and satisfactory employment screening, and three references satisfactory to CBM Global.

How to apply

More information about the Inclusion Advisory Group and CBM Global Disability Inclusion can be found by visiting the IAG website, and the CBM Global Website.

Closing date: Thursday 14th March 2024.


  1. Use this link to apply 
    Prepare your CV in English please, as you will need to upload it into our ATS system.
  2. Download and complete the Application Form in English please, as you will need to upload it into our ATS system.
  3. Only email to if you have any questions
    In the subject line of your email please use the following format: Family Name First Name: (IAG Senior Inclusion Advisor, Global).
    We also welcome informal enquiries, which should also be sent to the above email address.