World Water Day 2023

Video transcript

Hi, I’m Jane Edge, the chief
executive of CBM Australia.

March 22nd is the 30th
anniversary of World Water Day.

And the theme this year
is Accelerating Change

to solve the water and sanitation crisis.

And it is indeed a crisis.

World Water Day is a powerful reminder

that as many as one in
four or 2 billion people

don’t have access to safe drinking water.

We know that clean water,
sanitation and hygiene

are essential for health,
general well-being

and reducing the transmission of disease,

yet often people with
disability living in poverty

can’t access these basics services.

The sad fact is that 1.4
million people die each year

and 74 million people
have their lives shortened

by diseases related to poor
water, sanitation and hygiene.

At CBM, we are working with our partners

to ensure everyone

can access this precious, finite resource.

And it’s a huge task

as we know that global water demand

is projected to increase by 55% by 2050.

Water affects everyone.

We need everyone to act

so we can all be the change
we want to see in the world.

Give the gift of clean
water to a family today.

Visit our website, to make a donation

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to see the impact of our work.

Thank you so much.