Stevie Wills Famine Poem

Video transcript

The land is dry.

Her throat stretched

strained through earth

dust lodged

she cries out

for rain

for water

she yearns to water

to give water

to those she loves

those whose feet have stepped upon her

shaped her

as she has shaped them


who tread softly upon her

walking in oneness with her

tendered to her.

She watches as they grow thin

grow weak.

She watches as they waste

helplessly grieving

for her people.

She hungers to feed them.

She watches

as family kill

another goat

eating their source of income


for their neighbours.

She watches

as child cries

to mother for milk.

Mother watches

helplessly starved of

milk production.

She watches

as mother leaves her.


eighteen hour-journey

for water

she used to provide.

She cries out to Sky

who stretches parallel to her.

She cries out for clouds

to gather to

swell with water

to grow heavy

so heavy

they would give of themselves

to her

saturate her

that water’s molecules

would seek their way

seep deep

draw themselves deep into her

to nurture roots

nurture plants

that plants would seek their way

to surface.

I cry out

I ask of God

Can these dry lands live?

Can these dry lands live?

Since those dry bones lived?

My soul



contorts in prayer

Oh God can these dry lands live

can clouds gather release

that she could drink deep

and her people could drink deep

and there would be relief?

The war continues.

The war that not only displaces people

but withholds grain

from the world’s

hungriest people

interrupting supply.



30% of grain

to the world’s

hungriest people.

In solidarity


her stretched,

strained throat

with her


we cry out

we call upon our leaders

for compassion

to remain in compassion.

To let concern, resources

flow beyond self-interest

also to the interests of others.


Is our compassion

as dry as the land?

Our efforts as dry

as the land?

10,000 children dying a day.

Let the dam dam break!

Let the dam dam break!

Let compassion flow as a river


Let mercy flow

in finance

in long-term investments

in solutions

that would hold back the impact

of climate change


those who are most


the most

the most

We pray for change

we sit in the