2022 Christmas message from CEO Jane Edge

Video transcript

Hi, I’m Jane Edge, the Chief
Executive of CBM Australia.

As 2022 draws to an end,

I’d like to take a moment to pause

and to wish you and your family blessings

in this Christmas season

and my very best wishes for 2023.

I also want to acknowledge that Christmas

isn’t an easy time for everyone.

Mostly I want to thank you.

I want to thank you for your support

in transforming the lives of millions

of the world’s most vulnerable people.

We know that people with
disabilities living in poverty

are most affected by disasters
such as famine and drought

and sadly the need has never been greater.

In places like Kenya,
their lives and health

remain at grave risk

and together we are making a difference.

Miracles Day was an
extraordinary expression

of the compassion of
caring Australians like you

with a record number of
Miracle gifts of sight donated.

Through your generosity this year

more than 60,000 people,

needlessly blind from cataracts,

can now have life-changing surgery.

So as we celebrate the joy of Christmas,

if you’re able to, please
share this feeling of hope

through CBM’s Meaningful Gifts.

Each gift this year will
be a double blessing

as a group of generous donors
will be matching your gifts.

Simply head to our
website, gifts.cbm.org.au.

CBM’s Meaningful Gifts
can help transform lives

by building a more just
and inclusive world.

I’ve seen this work firsthand

and I know the profound
difference your support makes.

Together we can end the cycle
of poverty and disability.

Thank you for being part of
this movement of the heart

that is CBM’s work, our work together.

And again, I wish you peace
and joy this Christmas season.

Thank you.