CBM helps strengthen OPDs in Ethiopia

Video transcript

What’s been the impact of this project and the ripple effect on people with disabilities themselves? So, the people on the street? The people who are in the poor communities?

Persons with disabilities were benefited from this project. Even if it’s indirectly.

For example, we not only capacitate those DPOs in human resources. In providing them funding to recruit human resources. We also provide different types of training. Awareness raising training, fundraising, resource mobilisation training, advocacy training, even therapy SDG training.

After we create the awareness our DPOs are now strong. 

The Ethiopian human rights commission and even the other ministerial offices, now they include the issue of people with disabilities in their five and 10-year action plans. 

And if you have your own organisation, or if you’re any organisation who are under that agency, if you come to approve your project the first criteria is inclusion.

If you are not inclusive of people with disabilities in your project, that project will not be approved.

These are all things that are coming because of CBM projects.