CBM Australia values 2021 with CEO Jane Edge

Video transcript

CBM is a Christian international development organisation fighting to end the cycle of poverty and disability. 
We believe that everyone is equal before God and we’re passionate about working with people with disabilities to build a world in which all people are included, valued, and respected. 
We pursue excellence. 
We are committed to achieving the greatest possible impact from the resources entrusted to us. 
Attaining higher quality in all of our work. 
We strive for justice. 
We work for positive change inspired by a vision of a just and equitable world. 
Serving those in greatest need regardless of race, gender, age or religious belief. 
We embrace partnership. 
We achieve more when we work with others. 
With partners, supporters, governments, and our colleagues. 
To achieve lasting change. 
And we live with integrity. 
We show God’s character by seeking to live by our values and fulfil our commitments. 
We hold ourselves accountable to our supporters and to those we serve. 
These values are intrinsic to our organisational culture. 
This is who we are. 
We strive to bring them to life in a meaningful way. 
Every single day, as we fight to end the cycle of poverty and disability.