Reena Was at Serious Risk of Losing Sight in Her Right Eye

Stories | August 8, 2019

This is Reena.

Reena lives in one of the most impoverished countries in the world – Nepal. Abandoned by her biological mother and her father unable to care for her, no one had noticed the cataract growing in this little girl’s right eye. As every day passed, Reena’s eyesight worsened. She could barely see out of her right eye.

Reena was losing sight in her right eye because of an untreated cataract. The cataract had grown and completely taken over. Reena was at serious risk of losing sight in her right eye.

This is ‘Aunt’ Meena.

Young Nepalese girl Reena after cataract surgery with her Aunt Reena
This is ‘Aunt’ Meena.

Aunt Meena is a loving wife and mother. Yet behind her warm smile Meena was grieving for her only daughter, who fell seriously ill with scrub typhus. Meena did all she could do to get her daughter the medical care she needed. However, by the time her daughter received the right treatment, it was too late. Meena’s daughter had died.

Meena yearned to love another child. She had heard about Reena who had been abandoned.  Meena knew she could give this little girl a safe home, however, her immediate concern was Reena’s eye. A cataract was growing and Reena was losing her precious sight.

With the help of a village elder, Meena took Reena to a CBM supported eye hospital. Once there, Dr Pawan and his team successfully treated Reena.

This is Dr Pawan.

Cataract surgeon Dr Pawan in his surgery
This is Dr Pawan.

Dr Pawan is a paediatric ophthalmologist, and every day he and his team at the local CBM supported eye hospital examine around 150 children with all types of eye conditions and cataracts.

To us, Dr Pawan is a hero. He performs Miracle life-changing surgery. He gives children their sight back. He helps them to see once again. And with their sight restored they can go to school, they can learn to read and write, and they can hope for their future.

The love of her Aunt Meena, the expertise of paediatric ophthalmologist Dr Pawan, and wonderful supporters like you, gave Reena the Miracle she needed.

Today Reena is a happy and energetic young girl, because she received the Miracle of love from a caring person like you. She looks forward to starting school, learning to read and write, and one day realising her hopes and dreams for a better future.

CBM has been working in Nepal for more than 40 years to help end avoidable blindness and to create a strong eye health system, so more children like Reena can have their sight restored.

It takes just ONE moment to make a Miracle come true… one moment to save the sight of a child, a teenager or an adult with cataracts.

You can give the Miracle gift of sight

$33 is all it takes…

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