Preventing Further Spread: Prevention Kits in Cameroon

Stories | June 16, 2020

Preventing the transmission of COVID-19 remains for now one of the best methods of combating the virus. CBM has been involved in curbing the spread of COVID-19 through the distribution of prevention kits to the communities we work with in Cameroon, in West Africa. These prevention kits include sanitation products like soaps, buckets and face masks to enable people to protect themselves as much as possible from contracting the disease.

For many people within the communities CBM work with these kits enable them to return to the ‘new normal’ routines, including earning an income. Janet is the mother of a child with visual impairment, who trades in the Bamenda market. She noted that “At first it was difficult because I didn’t have a bucket with tap and sanitation items. I also used to get powdered soap which usually finished quickly. As a trader in the market I used to just try to talk to the customers to put on their masks when they come to buy from me. With the support I was able to get a bucket and it is really useful as I ask my customers to wash their hands or drop the sanitiser for them to use.”

In other cases, the preventative kits enable people to begin to venture outside their house with a little more confidence. Agwe who lives in Mbengwi, who is a DPO leader living with disability, reported that “Before receiving the items, I always only stayed at home and couldn’t really go out because I was afraid. I was able to get a mask each for myself and the children. After receiving the items, I now move out with relatively less fear of contracting the virus as I put on my mask and I can change them and wash. The liquid soap is being used at home and by all of us. Also, I move around with a small quantity of hand sanitiser which I use very often when out of the home. I am really enjoying the things that have been given to me.”

CBM Australia acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) in supporting our ongoing work during the COVID-19 crisis, and ensuring that we leave no one behind.

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