CBM Australia is proud to be a member of Micah Australia

Stories | August 20, 2019

Here at CBM, we are devoted to transforming the lives of the world’s most overlooked, and marginalised people – just as Jesus did. As a Christian international development organisation, CBM has been following Jesus’ example of inclusion, hope and justice in our work for over 115 years. Our strong Christian heritage and shared goals is why CBM Australia is proud to be a member of Micah Australia. 

Micah Australia works with churches, Christian aid organisation and individuals to gather, inspire and empower Australian Christians as advocates, sharing God’s heart for justice and raising a powerful voice with and for people in poor communities around the world. Working together this partnership helps us inspire more Australian supporters to join us in our mission of building an inclusive world in which all people with disability enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.

Alongside Micah Australia we advocate and campaign for public and political change that addresses the root causes of poverty and injustice through ensuring a fair and generous aid program. The Micah coalition is made up 14 member agencies who work together. CBM knows that in order to achieve change we must work together with individuals, organisations and governments.  

Led by Tim Costello, Micah and its members puts the needs of the world’s poor back on the agenda of our politicians and leaders, through advocating for the rebuilding of a strong and effective foreign aid program.  This is about much more than a foreign aid budget, it’s about the soul of our nation and doing what we can – what we must – to help those trapped in a cycle of inequity, isolation and exclusion that leads to the most extreme forms of poverty. This drives CBM to work in partnership here in Australia with coalitions like Micah and in our programs oversees so that we can transform the lives of more than five million people every year.

One of the activities Micah is most known for is the annual worship and lobbying event in Canberra – Voices for Justice. By inspiring, training and equipping ordinary Christians to speak with federal politicians on pertinent issues of global poverty, Voices for Justice has provided a catalyst for building long-term relationships between Australian Christians and their local MPs. Each year CBM joins in Voices for Justice. This year we’ll be supporting emerging leaders from the disability movement in the Pacific to join in and lend their voice to ending poverty. You can add your voice too and join these emerging leaders and Christians from across Australia in Voices for Justice  by registering at http://voicesforjustice.com.au/ or following CBM see how we put our words into action.

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