Margil and Aljon thank you for their sight-saving surgery

Stories | August 19, 2022

When Margil and Aljon first received surgery five years ago, thanks to people giving generously on Miracles Day, the young brother and sister were completely blind from cataracts.

Living in a tiny hut the size of a bathroom with nine family members, seven-year-old Margil was painfully shy and couldn’t see at all. But her mum says her daughter loved learning and desperately wanted to go back to school. 

Margil’s 12-year-old brother, Aljon, felt left out by his friends and dreamed of being able to play basketball with them. He was sick of sitting on the sidelines, listening as his friends had fun together.

Your support of Miracles Day helped CBM provide cataract surgery for both children. Their surgery was a success, and their vision was restored.

A 12-year-old boy in a striped tank top wearing a patch over one eye with him arm around the shoulder of a young girl wearing a yellow tshirt with a patch over one eye.
Image: Siblings, Aljon (left) and Margil (right) from the Philippines, were both blind from cataracts in both eyes. After receiving surgery in 2017 thanks to Miracles Day supporters, Aljon and Margil could not stop smiling!

Five years on, CBM visited Margil and Aljon in the Philippines to find out how your support changed their lives. 

Margil is now 12 years old and in Grade 5 at school. She’s passionate about baking and cooking, and once she finishes school, she wants to take a Hotel and Restaurant Management course. 

Aljon is now 18 years old. He’s got a great group of friends and his first job, which he’s proud of.

Margil and Aljon have never forgotten how you helped change their lives.

“If not for you all, my children would not be like this now. They can both see better, and Margil even goes to school. So, thank you, thank you really for helping us then. I will always be grateful for this,” says Margil and Aljon’s mum.

Campaign Manager Mariska Meldrum says that this year, Australians have given the Miracle of sight-saving surgery to more than 50,000 more people living blind from cataracts. 

“On behalf of those who will have their sight restored, thank you!” she said.

More than 500,000 children live blind, when a 12-minute surgery costing just $33 could restore their sight.

If you missed Miracles Day, you can still give someone the Miracle of sight at

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