A king who shares in our pain… by choice

Stories | March 28, 2018

Stevie Wills, CBM Australia Community Engagement Officer, reflects on the heart of Jesus in a world that experiences pain.

Pondering the significance of Easter, Stevie shares:

“Easter reminds me that we’re waiting in hope. There is suffering in this world, but Jesus has entered into it. Jesus shares in the suffering of humanity. His resurrection proclaims the hope of the Kingdom of God.

“Humanity experiences suffering and injustice, or unfairness. In great love, Jesus chose to share in our sufferings, entering this world and living as a man. He experienced all kinds of sufferings, culminating in his profound suffering upon the cross. He is with us in our sufferings, knowing and understanding them completely. His presence in our suffering gives us hope.”

But the story doesn’t end there. Through her own times of reflection, Stevie highlights the profound reason why many will find joy in the celebration of Easter and what it means for us today.

“Jesus’ arrival and resurrection ushered in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is love. It’s the expression and realisation of love. It’s our hope.

“Jesus touched lepers. He wept over the death of Lazarus. He was moved by compassion. He healed the sick. He spent time with those who were considered outcasts.

“The expression of love is the expression of Jesus; the expression and fulfilment of the Kingdom of God.”

Working for an organisation that Stevie feels resonates with these core values, she explains:

“CBM Australia has been following Jesus’ example of inclusion, hope and justice in our work for over 110 years. We work to empower people with disabilities who live in the poorest countries. We work to break the vicious cycle of poverty and disability.”

Photo: Stevie Wills, author of this blog

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