Josefina can see her family for the first time

Stories | August 19, 2022

Thanks to people like you, 63-year-old Josefina can see for the first time in her life. Born with severe cataracts in both eyes, Josefina had never seen the faces of her children and husband. She says she’s been waiting for a miracle.

“…I have only been in Grade one. I don’t know how to read or write. I only imagine the faces of my children and my husband the way I touched them. It would be nice if I can also see them face to face. I’ve been waiting for a miracle.” 

Because Josefina didn’t get cataract surgery early enough, she had to drop out of school after the first grade and never returned. Every day was a struggle until this year when she was blessed to receive cataract surgery – thanks to your support of CBM’s Miracles.

“You are the angels that God could have sent my way. Finally, my dream came true and thank you is not enough but thank you, thank you so much for all that you do. May God bless you more so that you can continue helping more people like me… I will include you all in my prayers every day.”

For Josefina, her miracle came late in life. But your support of Miracles Day stops other children from facing the same struggles as Josefina, restoring their sight and ensuring they don’t have to drop out of school.

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