International Day of People with Disabilities 2022

Stories | November 21, 2022

International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPD) on 3 December 2022 focussed on children with disabilities, who should be provided with every opportunity to live to their fullest potential.

We want to advocate for greater action to remove the many barriers faced by children with disabilities living in poverty.

Barriers may include:

  • Access to rehabilitation therapy and, for example, mobility or vision aids to assist readiness for school.
  • The challenges of getting to school on time and on their own without the help of primary carers.
  • Access to the classroom because the school doesn’t have a ramp or space for wheelchair access.
  • Communication challenges in class, for example, teachers unable to use sign language or provide Braille teaching.
  • Access to toilets as schools in poor communities are not typically designed to accommodate the needs of children with disabilities.

Also, we want to highlight that current data collection on children with disabilities needs to be urgently improved to fully understand the extent of exclusion that children experience.

Again, your support online and on social media will help us advocate for a better start to life for children around the world.

Watch a video of CBM Australia’s International Day of People with Disabilities Virtual Event

View a transcript of the video

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