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Stories | October 23, 2023

Charity gift ideas to change the lives of people with disabilities living in poverty.

Giving a charitable gift is a profoundly meaningful act that has far-reaching effects on both the giver and the recipient. When you give a CBM Meaningful Gift you are transforming the lives of people with disabilities living in poverty and helping to end the cycle of poverty and disability. These acts of kindness not only provide essential support to those in need, be it for sight, mobility, livelihoods, sustainability, or life’s essentials, but they also make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most, offering them a brighter and more promising future.

We have charity gift ideas to suit every budget and occasion. If you are looking for a special gift that will change a life for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas, give them a CBM Meaningful Gift.

Gifts of sight

There’s no gift more profound than the gift of sight. We offer a range of gifts designed to restore vision – from life-changing surgeries for adults and children to providing children with glasses to transform a blurry world into a clear one. We conduct eye tests for children, supply vital eye screening equipment, and combat diseases like river blindness. You can even help set up surgical eye camps or train eye doctors, ensuring a lasting impact.

Gifts of mobility

Your gift of a mobility aid – a sturdy walker, a set of crutches, a prosthetic limb, a much-needed wheelchair, a plaster cast, or life-changing surgery – can transform the world of a child with disabilities living in poverty. It’s more than a gift; it’s a key to freedom, enabling children to move, play and go to school with their friends. With your support, you’re not just providing equipment; you’re gifting the priceless chance for children with disabilities to move on their own.

Gifts of livelihoods

Your Gift of Livelihoods can provide people with disabilities with the opportunity to not just survive but thrive! With a business start-up kit, you’re not just giving tools; you’re enabling them to craft their own success stories. It’s not just about providing livelihoods training; it’s about gifting the knowledge that can transform lives. You can help put an end to preventable suffering by donating a fistula surgery or by training specialist fistula health staff. Equip people with disabilities to face challenges by supporting disaster risk reduction training. And help break down the barriers around mental health by gifting psychological first aid, essential training, and peer support, leading to improved outcomes and a more positive future.

Gifts of sustainability

Sow the seeds of change and watch communities flourish with a Gift of Sustainability. Donate a sustainable community garden that will provide food and income for an entire community, or seeds for farming so a person with disabilities can grow enough food to eat and sell at market. You can also donate livestock including a cow, goat, pig, ducks or chickens for five families, providing sustainable food and income.

Gifts of life’s essentials

Bring vital basics to people with disabilities living in poverty and their communities with a Gift of Life’s Essentials. Help four families with a gift of humanitarian aid. Give the gift of fresh, clean drinking water, or combat scarcity by donating a well. Help children with disabilities break down the barriers to education by donating an accessible toilet for a school.


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