Expanding Business Practice in Aceh.

Stories | December 10, 2020

Photo of a woman in a wheelchair and two men fixing a motorbikeExpanding Business Practice in Aceh

The pressures of COVID-19 have been felt around the world, from large business empires to localised small business. In times like these, CBM’s work in Aceh, Indonesia, is critical in helping small businesses get back on their feet. One way in which CBM does this is through building the capacity of small business ventures like Nasri small bicycle repair shop in Aceh, Indonesia. Nasri is a hardworking man providing for his family and living with a mobility disability. Whilst Nasri’s small business was well known by the locals, Nasri lacked a number of the necessary tools to enable him to service more bicycles and do more complicated repair jobs.

With the support of CBM and partners, he was provided with a start-up kit that included various tools and materials, including bike tyres and even engine oil for motorbikes. The start-up kit provided Nasri with ability to rapidly expand his business and showcase his entrepreneurial skill set. Nasri has the capacity to upskill and can now service motorbikes as well, expanding his workshop and bringing in new clientele.

Now with a fully equipped store, Nasri’s business has increased markedly, from fixing two or three bicycle tyres a week to as many as seven jobs in a day. He is making five times more than in previous years. With a growing business Nasri found he needed to hire additional staff. He had recruited a mechanic on profit sharing basis. He was determined to learn motorbike mechanics on the job from his ‘partner.’ Nasri’s business savvy skills have enabled him to continue to grow his small business and recently, he was recognised by the district small entrepreneur service, enabling him to apply for further financial support in the future.

CBM acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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