The need for early intervention in treatable conditions: a story from Ethiopia

Stories | May 14, 2020

Early intervention is crucial in addressing treatable conditions and improving the lives of many people.

For people living in poverty around the world, gaining access to early intervention measures can be a challenge. In the case of young children, without early intervention, these children can miss vital education in their early school learning which can significantly impact the rest of their life.

Safuwan and family - early intervention in treatable conditions

CBM Australia worked with a partner organisations in Ethiopia to identify Safuwan, a five-year-old boy who had no strength in his legs and was unable to walk. The cause was unknown and because Safuwan and his family lived in poverty, unable to afford healthcare services, he remained undiagnosed and untreated. For much of his young life, Safuwan spent his days lying on a mat in the family home. Through access to healthcare services, it was not too late to improve Safuwan’s mobility. After identification by a fieldworker, Sufuwan was able to access an initial consultation with the local health centre. Safuwan was then referred for specialised treatment and rehabilitation to ensure his recovery.

Safuwan and his family expressed their gratitude for the work of the fieldworker and CBM Australia, in improving their son’s condition. They continue to support their son’s development and take pride in his continual improvement.

Through continuous treatment and extensive home-based physiotherapy support by fieldworkers and health workers, everything changed. The 10-month physiotherapy and treatment saw Safuwan improve rapidly. He was able to walk and play with his fellow peers, and finally start school. He worked hard to make up the time he missed.

No child should miss out on an education, especially not for lack of access to basic health care and physiotherapy. CBM Australia works with some of the most at-risk children around the world to ensure that they are able to flourish and that no one is left behind.

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