During the high tide, our city is submerged under water

Stories | October 31, 2023

People in Bangladesh are no stranger to extreme weather events. Recent record-breaking floods impacted a staggering 7.2 million people – that’s more than the population of Victoria! And for people with disabilities, the impact is hitting hard. 

“I belong to one of the flood affected areas of Bangladesh so I experienced the last flood that occurred in Bangladesh. And the most difficulty I faced was that I couldn’t move at all. I couldn’t go to my office or markets. Due to these problems my family income and business failed, and we faced financial crisis*,” said a disability activist. 

While the government of Bangladesh is taking action to respond to climate change, issues for people with disabilities are often overlooked. Without active engagement with people with disabilities, they will continue to be left out.  

That is why we are working with local government disaster preparedness units to ensure plans are inclusive, and engaging with people with disabilities and their families through community-based programs so they can face climate challenges head-on – without being left behind! 

Read The Impact of Climate Change to learn more about how CBM is responding and contributing to inclusive climate action in other parts of the world.


 People with disabilities must be included in disaster preparedness plans if they are to be able to escape safely from floods or cyclones.

CBM acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). 

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