COVID-19 Indonesia Story

Stories | April 8, 2020

“All of our partners have excellent skills in community mobilisation and disability inclusion and are well connected to the communities they have been working with as well as local health providers. Together we will work to maintain these relationships throughout this crisis and ensure those most vulnerable are not left behind,” states our Indonesia Country Director, Marisa in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

CBM Australia is maintaining regular communication with our colleagues in Indonesia, who are currently all working from home during this health crisis. As a necessary health precaution and in accordance with Indonesian Government directives, projects that require face-to-face contact at the community level are currently suspended.

CBM Australia is working hard to support partners to develop innovative approaches to continuing project implementation remotely. At the same time, CBM Australia is working with partners to identify where and how CBM can best support those who are most vulnerable, particularly people with disabilities and their families. This includes ensuring the latest government advice on COVID 19 is accessible to people with a range of disabilities and that they are able to meet their daily needs.

On behalf of those we serve thank you for being part of the CBM family and for the amazing support you have shown towards people living in poverty with disabilities.

The health and safety of our staff is of upmost importance, most office staff are working from home, with our phone and digital channels still open. We will continue to work with our in country staff to ensure appropriate measures are in place for their well-being.

I pray that your loved ones are safe and that your heart and loving kindness will continue to shine through during this uncertain time.

Please consider supporting the world’s most vulnerable.

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