COVID-19: Philippines Story

Stories | April 8, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, CBM remains committed to amplifying the voice of people with disabilities who are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19.

Despite government support, there are concerns for people living with disabilities: “There is no regular work,” writes our CBM Philippines Field Coordinator, Evelyn. She agrees that for many people it is a case of “no work, no pay,” which leaves people vulnerable. Evelyn adds that people are asking: “How can you buy food and other basic supplies if you do not have resources? How can you buy medications for those who use medication for mental illness but cannot leave their home?” Though the government is providing support, people with disability are left out of the national dialogue.

With daily wage earners forced to stay home, many are fearful they will not be able to feed their families in the coming days. Without an income, the need for food and clean water is a top priority and our projects are looking for ways to respond.

On behalf of those we serve thank you for being part of the CBM Family and for the amazing support you have shown towards people living in poverty with disabilities.

The health and safety of our staff is of upmost importance, most office staff are working from home, with our phone and digital channels still open. We will continue to work with our in country staff to ensure appropriate measures are in place for their wellbeing.

I pray that your loved ones are safe and that your heart and loving kindness will continue to shine through during this uncertain time.

Please consider supporting the world’s most vulnerable

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