COVID-19 and community care in Cameroon

Stories | April 21, 2020

In addition to civil unrest, the loss of lives and significant population displacement, the Northwest region of Cameroon is also bracing for the impact of COVID-19, but with so many displaced people, the task of flattening the curve has been made that much harder. “I have been preventing the virus by washing my hands with much soap and clean water,” explains Toh, who works hard to share her knowledge of preventative measures with other hearing-impaired groups. “I teach other people to be able to prevent it. I teach the deaf community and neighbour on this virus. I get information about this virus from the internet, friends and from health services. My fears are those in the rural areas who do not have access to information.”

CBM Australia has been able to assist in the promotion of safe hygiene practice in the past and these skills have been invaluable in assisting CBM Australia respond to the current pandemic crisis. CBM Australia has been able to provide hygiene products such as soaps to communities in Cameroon, to benefit people living with disabilities, such as the two sisters pictured, who were able to access soaps thanks to the work of CBM Australia and our partner organisations.

Our partners in the Northwest regions of Cameroon are also working hard to maintain their social distancing and remain safe. Hand sanitiser has been made readily available to staff and door handles and equipment are wiped over with sanitiser regularly to stop the spread of infection. Morning devotions have also been modified to reduce crowding and ensure staff are maintaining a physical distance. While Cameroon has experienced only a few COVID-19 cases to date, these preventative measures remain critical in raising awareness in order to flatten the curve and contain further spread of this virus.

If you are able to, please support the world’s most vulnerable.

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