A heartfelt message from CBM supporter, Barbara

Stories | August 27, 2020

Hi my name is Barbara Armstrong.

I live in South Australia on the Fleurieu Peninsula in a little town called Yankalilla. I would like to talk to you today about CBM and the wonderful work they do around the world.

I was first introduced to CBM by a friend who invited me to a meeting in Victor Harbour 21 years ago. I was moved by what I had seen and heard. At the end of the meeting they reminded us of the disasters we see in the world; the famines, floods, earthquakes. We see airdrops of food, trucks with supplies and medicines with people rushing to get what they need. They then asked the question to us; “Who looks after the lame and blind who can’t reach the supplies? CBM does.” I was hooked.

I support other missions and get newsletters and updates from them. CBM is the only one that brings the missionaries to our area every few years to tell us about the work they are doing. They show us slides and videos of children with new limbs, the work with women with fistulas. They help everyone regardless of their colour, race or religion. If you have a need, CBM will help.

Sometimes we hear stories like these and the need seems so huge, “What could my little donation do with such a mountain of work?” Think about your donation as rain falling on a mountain, those drops form a stream, those streams form a river and the river joins others to form an ocean. All our giving, no matter how small, when combined reaches the needy in our world.

The last meeting I brought my daughter along who was very moved by what she saw. She was also really amazed to see the various types of people they helped; she thought it was only for the blind and only for Christians.

On closing I would ask you to consider CBM in your will. If God has blessed us financially why not help them to continue the work after we have gone. I have remembered CBM in my will and my daughter is going to give them more. Please consider those less fortunate than us and support CBM.

We can’t be there but we can help those who are.

Thank you, God Bless

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