Anne’s COVID-19 Reflection: Celebrating our Volunteers

Monday, 10 May 2021

Anne Verwoert has volunteered at CBM for over 25-years at the Kew and Box Hill offices. Anne’s quiet dedication has seen her give literally thousands of hours to many and varied jobs. From being in the mailing area at Kew, working with Alma, Norma and Joan and stuffing envelopes. At Box Hill she has assisted with mailings, including making up packs for every special mailing we do, writing countless Christmas and Birthday cards and much more. Anne has also been involved in many Miracles Days. In the last few years Anne and others have been praying for the success of the day.

A reflective poem by CBM volunteer Anne:

An event in human history that will be etched in our memory –

The year 2020 saw life swing from being plenty to feeling somewhat empty

When COVID 19 struck our world as an enemy unseen.


Social distancing, sanitising, isolation & mask wearing,

Such were the measures to preserve life which we treasure;

Our lives on hold, we did as we were told.


Schools were in closure lessening risk of exposure

Alternate modes of schooling involved students in ‘remote learning’

Whilst many others soon learnt the art of ‘zooming’

To keep us all connected hoping insanity would be prevented.

Collapsing businesses everywhere caused much fear & despair

Drawing communities much closer with shared love & care.


Despite all this there were little moments of bliss

For we sought simple pleasures from God’s storehouse of treasures;

Walking for exercise & recreation we enjoyed the beauty of creation

In skies turning blue & spring flowers on view

Which helped to distract us from a rapid spreading virus.


In humorous reflection I can’t help but mention

That time in the community when some shopped in a frenzy

For that much needed item fast becoming non-existent.

However, all is not lost for those counting the cost

Of that oversupply which has piled up so high;

Those rolls of white paper will last you forever

They’d be great Christmas wrappings or fillers for stockings!


Now jokes apart we’ve all played our part

And despite all the sorrow there’s bright hope for tomorrow,

Our Heavenly Father who created all things

Loves & cares for us all as his precious human beings.


Anne Verwoert