76-year-old sky dives to stop kids going blind

Stories | September 20, 2022

Dave Vincent is turning 76, but a quiet meal with family and friends is not top of his birthday plans. Instead, Dave is skydiving to raise funds for a cause that he loves.

The retiree from Sydney is so passionate about preventing Trachoma, particularly in kids, that he is willing to jump out of a perfectly good plane to make a difference.

Trachoma is a highly infectious, painful condition that if left untreated leads to irreversible blindness.

“The thought of children suffering this horrifying disease makes make me feel sick,” he says.

“My goal is to raise $300 to protect 900 people living in Kenya against Trachoma.”

The money Dave raises through his skydive will help ensure CBM can distribute the sight-saving antibiotics it has received from a generous partner. And, having been a CBM supporter for more than three decades, Dave knows his efforts really will make a difference.

“Knowing that children and adults will be protected from this disease will put a real smile on my face,” he says.

Like so many people who raise funds to support CBM’s mission to transform people’s live, Dave is a humble hero.

“It’s not about me,” he says. “I can’t do much with aches and pains, but I can do this.”

Dave is booked to jump at 10am, 28 September 2022.

You can support Dave and help protect people in Kenya from trachoma by donating on his online fundraising page.

You don’t have to jump out of a plane to make a difference. Setting up a CBM fundraising page is easy. Whether you’re jumping, running, baking, or making whatever you do, and however much you raise, will help transform people’s lives.

Click here to learn more about fundraising for CBM and start fundraising today!

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