Environmental Sustainability Statement

This Statement reflects activity and intentions in relation to CBM Australia’s commitment to minimising the environmental impact of internal domestic operations.

This Statement is relevant to the CBM Australia Procurement Standard and is an internal operations companion to the CBM Australia Environmental Programming Policy, and the Environmental Programming Standard.

CBM Australia recognises the importance of an engaged and committed personnel who understand the links between its domestic actions in environmental sustainability and its poverty alleviation work in the field. CBM Australia is committed to assessing, understanding and improving its environmental performance and to demonstrating appropriate environmental practice across all aspects of operations.

There are a number of initiatives in place to reduce consumption, to reuse or recycle, to improve waste management, and to promote awareness of environmental impact across the organisation. CBM Australia is committed to full compliance with legislation and regulations, at all levels of government, concerning the environmental footprint created by our operations. CBM Australia is further committed to travel reduction by clustering travel purposes and utilising online communication and meeting options effectively.

Specific initiatives at CBM Australia’s Box Hill office base include:

  • Maintenance of 320 Jinko 250w rooftop Solar Panels; producing an average of 98 megawatt hours of electricity each year and providing for approximately 30% of our total electricity use.
  • Motion sensor lights in toilets, store rooms and other low use areas.
  • Installing low energy lights, with reduced lamping in well lit areas.
  • Instant cold and hot filtered drinking water, with auto shut off when not in use.
  • Water harvesting serving toilet facilities via recycled water.
  • Full recycling systems and their promotion, including paper, cardboard, recyclable plastics, recyclable aluminium, printer cartridges, etc.
  • A signatory to the Ethical Paper Pledge, purchasing paper only from Forest Stewardship Council accredited sources. Setting double sided printing as required default on all printers and promoting, internally and externally, consideration of the environment before any printing.
  • Undertaking energy audits to identify additional works advising of further opportunities
  • Building staff knowledge and understanding concerning the importance of environmental sustainability as a global issue.
  • Promoting individual staff responsibility to reduce, re-use, recycle, switch off.

Further information

The Chief Operating Officer is the Custodian of this Statement and will field enquiries and facilitate its review. If you have any questions please contact us.

Update late 2021

We are moving from Box Hill to a new co-working location in Melbourne that will have an even greater focus on environmental sustainability. Stay tuned to learn more as we move in March 2022.