Environmental Sustainability Statement

This Statement reflects activity and intentions in relation to CBM Australia’s commitment to minimising the environmental impact of internal domestic operations.

This Statement is a companion to the CBM Australia Environment Policy.

CBM Australia is committed to assessing, understanding and improving its environmental performance and to demonstrating appropriate environmental practice across all aspects of operations. CBM Australia is committed to full compliance with legislation and regulations, at all levels of government, impacting the environmental footprint created by our operations. CBM Australia is further committed to travel reduction by clustering travel purposes and utilising online communication and meeting options effectively.

CBM Australia is currently operating out of a co-working environment, part of Hub Australia, in Church Street, Richmond, Victoria.  This gives CBM Australia staff and operations access to significant sustainability advantages including:

  • Shared printing, kitchen and other amenity facilities, significantly reducing overheads and engaging in initiatives like coffee grounds recycling and eco-friendly cleaning;
  • End-of-Trip Facilities, incentivising ride-to-work;
  • GreenPower.

Hub Australia, a certified B Corporation, has been carbon neutral certified since 2020. Each location, including Church Street, is 100% carbon neutral, certified through the Australian Government backed Climate Active. This means that all carbon output is offset on behalf of Hub staff and Members like CBM Australia.

CBM Australia has purchased a new home in Blazey Street, Richmond, which is currently under construction. Occupation is expected early 2024. This new building has strong environmental credentials including:

  • Openable windows providing natural airflow and ventilation;
  • Green rooftop;
  • Solar panels;
  • Electric vehicle charging;
  • End-of-Trip Facilities including a bike service station.

There will also be CBM Australia office floor level environmental gains once fitted out by us.

Further information

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