Rebuilding Australian Aid

Australia’s aid program plays a valuable role in ending poverty and upholding the rights of people with disabilities all around the world.

While organisations like CBM deliver transformative programs and powerful advocacy, we can’t do it alone. 

This is why we advocate for a generous Australian Aid program.

Australia's New International Development Policy

The Australian Government called for submissions to guide a new Australian development policy. This policy will drive the Government’s international development efforts in support of security, stability, prosperity and resilience in the Indo-Pacific.

The new policy will cover development program activities as well as wider government initiatives that support international development. The new policy will also provide a framework for the development of new comprehensive country and regional plans. A streamlined performance framework will accompany the policy to communicate the value and impact of Australia’s development cooperation program.

The start of a new decade brings with it an opportunity to build a new, modernised International Development Program which can alleviate poverty, inequality and injustice, whilst strengthening Australia’s international relationships.

CBM Australia is excited to be able to contribute towards this process and support partners, coalition members and the sector to inform an inclusive future for the aid program.

CBM Australia supports a development program built on the principles of inclusion, equality and empowerment. Australia’s new program should similarly reflect our values while supporting our interests. Our investment in the stability and resilience of developing countries works to improve our own security and prosperity and ensure that we are a good neighbour regionally and play an important global role in building a better world for us all.

CBM Australia's Submission

As we enter a new decade we hear calls from around the world to mobilise for a decade of action. Global action to secure greater leadership, more resources and smarter solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals, local action to drive change through policies, budgets and institutions and people action to generate an unstoppable movement pushing for transformation.

You can read our submission here and learn about what CBM believes are the priorities for ensuring people with disabilities are not left behind by Australia’s development efforts.

Advocating for Australian Aid

Australian Aid plays an important role in ending poverty and transforming the lives of people in the world’s poorest communities. It helps children to access education, increases access to sanitation and clean drinking water, provides critical services for women who have survived violence, and builds more inclusive communities for people with disabilities.

We believe that these issues transcend partisan politics. That’s why we work with all sides of Parliament to advocate for an aid budget that reflects the generosity of the Australian people.

We partner with others to achieve a generous, inclusive aid program that will drive progress now and into the future.

Want to add your voice to the calls for an inclusive aid program?

You can join CBM’s advocacy list to find out about what’s happening in the aid program and lend your voice to our advocacy efforts.

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