Advocacy, both in the field and in Australia, is central to CBM Australia achieving its mission of transforming the lives of people with disabilities in the world’s poorest communities. It provides another layer to our strategy, enabling CBM Australia to make an even greater impact.

Our Australian-based advocacy aims to influence Australian decision makers to ensure that our aid and foreign policy contributes to people with disabilities living in poverty having the same rights as everyone else.

We know disability advocacy helps to create a more inclusive world and – with your voice – we can do so much more!

Our advocacy work is focused on:


Women and girls with disabilities

Including People With Disabilities 1020

Including all people with disabilities


Deaf people in the Pacific

Rebuilding Australian Aid

Partnerships and Alliances

Joining forces with aligned partners increases the reach and impact of our advocacy work. This includes working with Micah Australia and the Campaign for Australia Aid in lobbying to rebuild Australian aid; supporting the Australian Disability and Development Consortium to raise awareness of disability rights issues; and partnering with Vision 2020 Australia to prevent avoidable blindness in our region.

CBM Australia is a member of the following advocacy alliances and coalitions:

Australian Council for International Development

ACFID is a peak body that unites Australia’s non-government aid with international development organisations to collectively bring about an end to poverty.

Australian Disability & Development Consortium

ADDC is a network of agencies, organisations and individuals with an interest in disability-inclusive development within Australia and internationally.

Campaign for Australian Aid

The Campaign for Australian Aid is a community of aid groups, churches, businesses and citizens who speak out for a world free from prejudice and discrimination.

Micah Australia

Micah Australia stands for justice, mercy and faith. It is a movement of Australian Christians raising a powerful voice for justice and a world free from poverty.

Vision 2020 Australia

Vision 2020 Australia is a national body working in partnership with other organisations to prevent avoidable blindness and improve vision care.

End the Cycle

An International CBM program that provides free and downloadable videos, factsheets and toolkits to portray the influence of poverty on disability, and how it can end.

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