Nahel is going blind. He’s just three years old and has been diagnosed with bilateral cataracts.

But this three year old boy isn’t just losing his sight, he’s losing his future. Soon, Nahel won’t be able to see his family, he won’t be able to go to school.

Nahel has struggled with his vision since he was a baby, squinting and holding objects very close to his face to see them. His parents also have disabilities and have struggled to pay for Nahel’s surgery.

For just you can help change the life of a child like Nahel, restoring his sight before it’s too late.

Nahel is three years old and lives with his family in Cameroon. He’s struggled with his vision since he was a baby, squinting and holding objects very close to his face in order to see them.

When Nahel’s aunt took him to the hospital earlier this year, he was diagnosed with cataracts and surgery was recommended.

If Nahel’s cataracts remain untreated, he faces a lifetime of blindness. Comfort, a local ophthalmic nurse, told Nahel’s mum and dad that if Nahel has the surgery now, “he will not have to miss out school. He will see and be able to go to school, play with his friends and be more independent.” If he doesn’t receive the surgery “his eye will become lazy and vision may not be good even if he is operated much later”.

Nahel’s mother, father and older brother also have vision impairments. Soon, Nahel won’t be able to see his family, and he won’t be able to go to school.

His parents have struggled to find work and provide for their children, let alone find the money to pay for the surgery Nahel needs.

His mother, Kaintouna, says, “On average we eat once a day and when we have more we can eat twice. There are days when all we have is water to drink.”

Nahel’s parents have been calling other relatives to help raise money for Nahel’s surgery but found the money difficult to raise.

Then, thanks to generous donors like you, Nahel received the surgery he needed to restore his sight. As he returned from the hospital, the whole village rejoiced with the family and Nahel headed straight out to play with the other children!

But the truth is, many other children like Nahel don’t have to go blind, they need simple treatments and surgery that can help them see again.

You can help make sure they get these treatments and the surgery they desperately need.

By giving just $10 a month, you could help many more children like Nahel get their sight back.

Help restore a child’s sight before it’s too late.


The eye lens is made up of water and protein. Cataracts form when some of the protein clumps together and creates a cloudy image. The cloudy image impacts vision, making it harder to see. If left untreated it can lead to blindness.

It is not yet known how cataracts can be prevented. They affect people of all ages, all over the world. However, if caught early enough, they can be treated with eye surgery.

Approximately 20 million people in 2010 had cataracts, according to the World Health Organisation, however this number is set to rise as the global population continues to live longer.

You can help make sure they get the simple treatments that will let them see again. Simple treatments that will give them their lives back. .

We have partners in some of the poorest parts of the world who help to assist us on our journey to transform the lives of over 10 million people each year. Working with these partners enables us to conduct Inclusive Eye Health Programmes and help children like Nahel.

Help children like Nahel today!

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