Kannan was kicked out of school because he couldn't read

All children deserve an education. You can make this possible today!

With your help we can supply the resources, training and education desperately needed to change the future of children, like 11-year-old Kannan, who was scolded by his teacher because he couldn't read the blackboard and sent home permanently.

Your gift today can help children living in poverty with disability access education by;

• Treating blindness and providing treatment to get children back in school. Your donation means that a doctor can remove cataracts from a child’s eyes and get them back into their local school.

• Supplying aids such as glasses, walking frames, physiotherapy and schoolbooks to help children with disabilities stay in their local school.

• Helping children with disabilities access specialist schooling when necessary.

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$32 towards sight saving surgery, to help children get back to school
$50 to give assistive aids, like books and glasses, helping children stay in school
$100 towards making a school accessible for children with disability

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Your gift will save children from irreversible blindness

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Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Every gift you give to CBM Australia goes towards changing the lives of the world's poorest people with disability. Where funds raised are greater than required for the specific initiative you contributed to, additional funds will go towards CBM Australia's work in disability inclusion programs. If your gift is to CBM's Emergency Response, additional funds will go towards CBM Australia's disaster preparedness and disability inclusion programs.