International Day of People with Disabilities

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International Day of People with Disabilities 2019

Watch our new video Now I Am Safer: Disability Inclusion in Disasters. This short video highlights the stories of six people with disabilities living in the most disaster prone region in Bangladesh. It shares their call for a disability inclusive approach to planning for disasters, where everyone can be safe when disasters strike.

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What is International Day of People with Disabilities?

International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPD) – 3 December – is a United Nations (UN) sanctioned day celebrated annually. This important day aims to raise awareness and promote action around the rights of people with disabilities and their full inclusion in society. CBM Australia encourages people to share the message of inclusion and diversity on IDPD so that collectively, we can truly build a world where all people are included and valued as equal members of society.

This year we’re focussing on disability inclusion in disasters

This year CBM Australia is focusing on the theme “disability inclusion in disasters.” Millions of people are affected by disasters each year and people with disabilities are among the most affected. Disasters not only cause tremendous loss of people and their assets, but also reverse development gains and widens inequality. People with disabilities are frequently excluded from planning and decision-making on disasters, which means their needs and the barriers they face during disasters aren’t considered and they may miss out on support to rebuild and recover in the aftermath of disasters. Taking a disability inclusive approach, through Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DiDRR) can reduce the risk and the impact of disasters on people with disabilities and keep communities safe. 


Shahadat, 40 years old, Bangladesh.

Shahadat – keeping my community safe in disasters

In the Patauakhali district, one of the most disaster-prone regions in Bangladesh, you will find Shahadat. He is a married, 40 year-old man with three children, supporting his family by operating an event and catering business. Shahadat also has a disability. Since 2015 Shahadat has been the president of a Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) where

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Together we can make sure that people with disabilities are included and safer during disasters.

The disproportionate impact of disasters on people with disabilities is preventable. With your help we can make sure that approaches to disasters are disability inclusive, so that no one is left behind.

Join the Now I Am Safer Campaign

Join our community of change makers to stay up to date with the campaign and hear about other ways you can get involved.

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