International Day of People with Disabilities

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International Day of People with Disabilities 2020

Take a look at our new video #BetterWorldForAll: Building an inclusive and equitable world for all. Launching December 3.

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What is International Day of People with Disabilities?

International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPD) – 3 December – is a United Nations (UN) sanctioned day celebrated annually. This important day aims to raise awareness and promote action around the rights of people with disabilities and their full inclusion in society. CBM Australia encourages people to share the message of inclusion and diversity on IDPD so that collectively, we can truly build a world where all people are included and valued as equal members of society.

This year we’re focussing on building a #BetterWorldForAll

2020 has been a particularly challenging year, with the COVID-19 pandemic having widespread impacts on individuals and communities around the world. As we continue to fight against the virus, many are already looking to the future, to recover and rebuild. Rather than seek a return to normal, we see an opportunity to address inequalities and injustices in our current systems to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

We seek to amplify the voices of people with disabilities as they offer us a vision of a more inclusive world. 

A world where every person is able to live their life fully and equal – free from stigma and discrimination. In this world everyone is able to participate and enjoy their human rights. We aspire to build this world, a #BetterWorldForAll.

Take Action!

  1. Grab a piece of paper and draw a big circle, like the globe

  2. In the circle tell us what is most needed to build an inclusive and equitable world for all. If you need some inspiration we've included some ideas below

  3. Post a selfie to Facebook and/or Instagram of you holding your sign with the hashtags #IDPD #BetterWorldForAll
By taking this action you are advocating for a #BetterWorldForAll.The ideas you share will help inform our vision of what a #BetterWorldForAll looks like.If you haven’t got time to take a selfie – we would still love to hear your ideas. Tell us below.
CBM's Alexandra showing an example of the action.

What makes for a more inclusive #BetterWorldForAll?


Marietta, an Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Motivator of Edmund Rice, while she makes a face mask.

Inclusive face masks pave way to a more inclusive world

CBM Australia Case Study Partner Organisation: CBM Philippines Country Office When COVID-19 first reached the Philippines, widespread lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing were introduced across the country to slow the spread of the virus. For deaf people, this meant that they were cut off from communicating via lip reading, as traditional masks hide people’s faces. Michi,

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Rahmi is a wheelchair user, working with SIGAB, one of CBM’s partner OPDs

Building a Disability Inclusive Response to COVID-19 in Indonesia

As countries around the world continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that these responses take into account the needs of people with disabilities. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that people with disabilities face a greater chance of contracting the virus, since they may be unable to practice physical distancing,

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