Major Gifts

A major gift is a substantial financial commitment made by an individual, trust or foundation to support CBM’s work. Your gift will be a catalyst for change – love in action that transforms many lives forever.

Why giving a major gift matters

The generosity shown through large gifts makes a significant long-term impact. Gifts of significance enable us to create change and make breakthroughs. They provide for long-term investment, creating the foundation for transformative work in improving the lives of people with disabilities.

“We all have one thing in common – we didn’t choose where we were born.  We didn’t choose hot running water, air-conditioning or interior lighting, but when we turn them on, that’s precisely what we get.  To many less fortunate, what we take for granted is a genuine miracle. So let’s share our good fortune and bring the miracle of seeing light, colour and smiles to those who didn’t receive what we didn’t earn.” – Roger Montgomery

Become a major donor

The Major Partner team is the link between our valued supporters and the life transforming work of CBM projects in the field. If you are interested in being part of a community of like-minded supporters who generously give to specific CBM Projects, transforming communities as well as the lives of individuals, please contact our experienced CBM Relationship Managers, who can discuss your philanthropic needs and bring you closer to our work all over the world.

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