Become A Glasses For Girls Champion – And Every Month You Will Change A Girl’s Life Forever!

You’ve done so much for Shalom – you’ve changed her life.

And her mum, Fridah, is so overjoyed she wanted me to pass this message of thanks on to you and other kind-hearted CBM supporters like you…

“I have no words to thank you enough. I pray that God bless you. I will always remember your goodness.”

Every single month you’ll help a girl to see.

Every single month you’ll help a girl to succeed.

With girls in poor communities only half as likely to get eye care as boys – your support is a game changer.

Help her see to succeed

You’ve done an amazing thing for Shalom!

Muddy greys turn into vivid colours as light breaks in. Life comes into focus!

What a joy it must be for Shalom to be seeing the world in all its glory, the wonderful way God made it.

And all thanks to you!

Yes! Shalom has been back to see her ophthalmologist, and thanks to Glasses for Girls supporters like you, she’s picked herself out a beautiful pair of bright blue glasses. Don’t they suit her bubbly personality perfectly?

Shalom calls them her “spare eyes” and she loves them. She loves that she can see her mum’s face properly. She loves that she can tell her new friends apart just by looking at them. And she’s super excited about going back to school soon!

I promise to update you on how she gets on!

You helped her see! And you’re helping her succeed too!

Just look at what you’ve made possible…

Shalom’s new Glasses…

…Step two of her journey back to full sight

thanks to you!

Shalom had to take care of a bit of boring business first.

CBM Ophthalmologist, Dr Lisbon wanted to double check a few things before getting on with the fun stuff.

Like checking out her brand new, bright blue glasses!

And giggling at herself in the biggest mirror ever!

Shalom and her mum, Fridah were so happy.

Shalom discovered that glasses are great for dancing!

And stretching!

And helping mum with chores.

What a smile! All thanks to you!

What an amazing difference you’re making in her life.

…Now Imagine The Joy Of Being
Able To Do It Every Month…

Just $7 a month is all it takes.

Become a Glasses for Girls Champion and you’ll provide two pairs of brand new glasses to a girl like Shalom every month. And you’ll be doing this in a part of the world where girls are only half as likely as boys to get access to eyecare.

Just think, twelve girls a year will get the chance to see and succeed. Girls who are currently missing out on a world of opportunities, simply because they are girls!

Through your compassion, they’ll be able to play with their friends as equals, help their families like other children do, and get the chance to go back to school, get a good education, and go on to live lives full of joy and accomplishment.

All for just $7 a month!


Thank you for changing girls lives forever

Help her see to succeed