Help stop inequalities and injustices

For people with disabilities living in poverty, inequalities and injustices are immense. Inclusion advisory work is especially pivotal now, at a time where disasters are on the rise.

People with disabilities are among the poorest and most vulnerable members of the global community, with reduced access to essential services like healthcare, education, employment opportunities and transportation.

More than 160 countries have signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

However, many of these governments and their partner organisations lack the capacity and capability to deliver on their commitments. 

CBM’s Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG)

CBM’s Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) has the expertise to bridge this chasm between commitment and capacity. We need your help today — to support everyone to achieve real inclusion of people with disabilities. Only then, as many more governments and organisations take action, will the ripple effect positively impact millions of lives.

World-recognised technical expertise

IAG has world-recognised technical expertise and a unique consultancy approach developed in Australia over more than a decade. The approach enables IAG to provide compelling advice and guidance pivotal to realising this vision of a more equitable and just world with and for all people with disabilities.

A fundamental part of the IAG approach is partnership with the disability movement, recognising that people with disabilities are the experts in their own experience. In line with the movement’s demand for “Nothing without us”, IAG ensures that people with disabilities themselves are at the table with the people who can bring about systemic change to make certain the correct measures are passed down in policies to establish diversity and disability inclusivity.

One of our advisors working with Timorese colleagues on cognitive testing of the Washington Group Questions in Timor-Leste, which was part of our DFAT helpdesk support.

Our advice benefits millions

In 2022, the technical assistance, provided by CBM Global’s Inclusion Advisory Group, influenced 30 organisations including the Australian Government’s Aid Program, World Vision and multiple United Nations organisations. We are so trusted and admired by governments and the sector that they hire our IAG who influence over $1b of partner programs. IAG continued to grow bringing in $2.9 million in 2022. 

CBM has built an exemplary reputation over decades as a global leader and trusted partner, agitating alongside the disability movement to transform the lives of millions of people with disabilities, and ensuring their rights become a reality.

We have the vision, determination, expertise, trust and recognised commitment to partnering with people with disabilities to influence and build the capacity in other organisations that will maximise impact.

organisations influenced including the Australian Government, World Vision, UNICEF and the Asian Development Bank

revenue in 2022

total value of programs influenced by IAG work

IAG is not just a consultancy, it is a catalyst for positive change

We need your help to do more

Success is all human rights being respected, as opposed to discrimination based on where you happen to be born or if you have or acquire a disability.

To make continued and long lasting change, we need your continued advocacy and activism to fight against poverty and the cycle of discrimination and injustice.

The time is now - disability funding and donations are crucial

Never has there been a more crucial time to address this disproportionate discrimination and abuse of the rights of people with disabilities.

Why the IAG?

IAG has the expertise to advise on inclusion strategies for those who need it the most, but it requires a financial investment in the form of charitable donations and gifts to sustainably build this capacity.

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