Board of Directors

Our Directors

Mick Turnbull

Board Chair

Chair of the Board since May 2017, having joined the Board as Chair Elect in September 2016, Mick is a professional company director in commercial and not-for-profit sectors. He holds a post graduate Diploma of Management and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Special responsibilities:
CBM Australia Board Chair. Member of all Board Committees as Board Chair.

Elizabeth Lucas

Deputy Board Chair

Appointed to the Board in November 2016, Elizabeth is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Partner with Grant Thornton

Special responsibilities:
CBM Australia Deputy Board Chair
Chair of the Finance & Audit Committee.

Tim Budge

The Board appointed Tim in August 2015. Tim holds Bachelors of Science and Theology and a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is a development specialist.

Special responsibilities:
Member of Programs and Community Engagement & Fundraising Committees. CBM International Supervisory Assembly delegate.

Shawn Choong

Shawn joined the Board in May 2012. He is an obstetrician gynaecologist specialising in ultrasound.

Special responsibilities:
Chair of the Board Development & Human Resources Committee.

Helen Green

Appointed to the Board in 2010, Helen has qualifications in Development and Management.

Special responsibilities:
Member of the Finance & Audit and Programs Committees.

Eliane Miles

Eliane joined the Board in November 2016. She is a social researcher, consultant and strategist. Eliane is on maternity leave from the Board until 2019.

Special responsibilities:
Chair of the Community Engagement & Fundraising Committee.

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