Philippines live!

Radio stations are in Vietnam broadcasting live

Broadcasting from the Philippines

On Miracles Day, 17 August, our friends at 89.9 Light FM in Melbourne, 96.5 Family FM in Brisbane, 98.5 Sonshine FM in Perth, 103.2 Hope FM in Sydney, Life FM in Adelaide and the Luke and Susie Show are broadcasting LIVE from the Philippines! The radio hosts are on an incredible journey to see first-hand how your gift of $32 can impact the life of someone living in poverty with cataract blindness.

Where are the teams?

The teams will be broadcasting live from the Philippines, meeting people with cataract blindness who are receiving the miracle gift of sight.

When can we hear them LIVE from the Philippines?

Each station will have LIVE broadcasts from 14 - 17 August 2017. To find out more from the team in the Philippines, click on your station link below:

Hope FMLight FMSonshine FMFamily FM

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