Behind The Sash

Behind The Sash

Behind The Sash follows four powerful women as they travel Australia and overseas to shine a light on issues of injustice.

The team meet eight inspirational women, creating real change. They travel to Nepal where Light FM’s Lucy Holmes shares her passion for giving people the Miracle of sight-saving surgery through CBM’s Miracles Day.

Airing times:

Premiere: Saturday 2 November 1.30pm on Channel 10 Peach
Encore: Sunday 3 November 8.00am on Channel 10

About Lucy

Lucy Holmes, Light FM breakfast show host, has helped inspire Australians to give almost 200,000 Miracles of sight saving surgery in the past seven years.

“I’m so passionate about CBM because they change people’s lives… they do it quietly and unassumingly and they just do this miraculous work every single day, day in day out.  No bells and whistles… no “look at us!” They just go “If you can spare $33, you can help change a life.”

You can make Miracles happen!

You can join Lucy and give the Miracle of sight-saving surgery to someone living in poverty with cataracts.
Someone like 11-year-old Reena from rural Nepal, who was unable to see the blackboard at school and struggled to participate at school.

Did you know?

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness throughout the world. Although relatively simple to treat, cataracts often lead to permanent vision loss for people living in poverty who can’t afford surgery to remove the cataract.

What is the Miracle of sight?

$33 is all it takes to give someone with cataracts the 12-minute sight-saving surgery needed to restore their sight.  Sight restored in 12-minutes… a Miracle.

Your $33 and a 12-minute operation can change a life forever.

Reena smiling at the camera holding a sign that says thank you.