Because of you, lives have been transformed

In the past year more than 7,405,780 people have been helped, here’s a snapshot of what you’ve achieved…


vital life-changing medical services were provided to people living in some of the poorest countries in the world.


people received preventative medication for diseases like River Blindness and Trachoma.


people with, or at risk of, disabilities living in some of the world’s poorest countries, benefited from our programs.


assistive devices including wheelchairs, mobility aids and glasses were provided.


people accessed education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities.

Thank you for transforming lives forever!

So many wonderful things are happening because of you.

Because of you, River Blindness has almost been eradicated from the region where Vincent and his family live.

Do you remember Vincent from our recent River Blindness Appeal? He was already blind in one eye, and terrified that his children might contract River Blindness as well.

The agony he endured began when he worked as a contract labourer digging for diamonds on a muddy riverbank in his 20s. As Vincent recalls…

“I had many nodules under my skin. I couldn’t see anything with my left eye anymore. I went to the local health centre. The nurse said that the eyesight of my left eye could not be restored… the parasites had destroyed it.”

He prayed that he would not lose the vision of his other eye as well. He prayed that his children would be spared the same fate.

His prayers were answered.

Because of you and other wonderful CBM supporters like you, Vincent and his children are now protected from River Blindness. Even better, so is his entire community, because your support is providing an ongoing distribution of antibiotic medication to protect them for years to come.

Person-by-person, family-by-family, one community and region at a time, you are helping us to eradicate this horrifying disease from communities like Vincent’s, and make it a thing of the past.

Thank you!

Eradication is within our grasp, thanks to you.

It might be hard to believe that a disease affecting 20 million people across 31 countries can be eradicated. But River Blindness has already been eliminated in Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico and Guatemala. Now, your support for CBM is helping to eradicate it community-by-community in Sub-Saharan African countries like Burundi, South Sudan, and Nigeria.

Because of you, 17 new wells are bringing safe, clean water to communities affected by Trachoma.

Last October we wrote to you about Heyiriya’s family, who were living at risk of Trachoma.

If someone becomes infected with Trachoma and does not receive treatment, they slowly go agonisingly and needlessly blind.

Good hygiene is critically important in the battle to stop Trachoma infection. But in poor communities in the developing world, clean running water is a luxury few enjoy. For most, good hygiene is virtually impossible.

The results can be devastating. As Heyiriya knows only too well.

“My eyes where itching and tearing. With time the severe pain started, it hurts so much. I need my sight. I wouldn’t be able to see my children, my grandchildren. How could I take care of them? God, please don’t do it to me.”

But there is a solution…

Digging more wells and bringing safe, clean water directly to the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Of course, this is not cheap. In fact it costs $4,600 to dig a community well. But when we told you about this last year, you rose to the challenge. In fact amazing supporters like you gave enough for us to dig and install 17 new wells in communities like Heyiriya’s.

This is how God works through you and your hands to help the most vulnerable people on earth.

“Getting water is very challenging. Women are at risk of rape when they walk long distances, children are too tired to learn when they come back from the stream. Health is wealth and water plays an important role in the health of the community.”
Hussain Sa’idu, Community Leader

Because of you, and this family’s faith, they now all have the gift of sight!

Do you remember Njiruzalo and her three sons: Malekano, Vincent and Richard? All four were suffering from various stages of blindness due to cataracts.

Njiruzalo was already blind in one eye, and her sons were losing their vision in both. They were missing out on school and job opportunities, all because of an eye condition that was completely treatable.

Tragically, like so many people living in poor and remote communities across sub-Saharan Africa, Njiruzalo didn’t know her condition was treatable. In fact, she had never even heard the word “cataracts”.

Today, because of you and your kindness, they have all received cataract surgery and glasses to help them see better. And they are all enjoying improved vision.

Once, Malekano used to sing tragically… “Don’t cry, oh my mother. This is not your fault. It is the will of God.”

Now, with a smile of joy on his face he says…“I will sing a song: ‘God you are Great!” Going on to add, “I wish there were more CBM community workers to tell people where to get these services. As Jesus told his disciples to spread the gospel, they could tell us where to get help.”

And because of you, and the amazing support we receive from other wonderful people like you, Malekano’s wish will soon come true.

Thank you Hope Growers! You did it again!

For the second year running, amazing Hope Growers created a matching fund to double the difference of all donations to our tax-time save sight appeal. Because of you, more than $379,000 was raised to fund sight-saving cataract surgeries for people like Njiruzalo, Malekano, Vincent and Richard. Thank you!

Because of you... We’re celebrating 10 years of Miracles!

We’re celebrating 10 years of Miracles Days in 2022! Over the last decade, more than 300,000 people have been given the Miracle gift of sight. All because of you!

Anyone who remembers the early Miracles Days will also remember former CEO John Jeffries, who supported the teams to get Miracles Day off the ground in 2013.

“We had a heartfelt desire to deliver the life-changing joy of sight restored to thousands of people,” says John. “We knew that if we could share the dream with more Australians – they would join us in our mission to change the lives of the poorest blind people in the world.”

John loved rolling his sleeves up and getting involved in the action. “I will never forget the unbounded joy of standing in a hospital ward in Tanzania as several poor people, who had been blind for years, had their post-surgical bandages removed,” John recalls. “For some it was the first time they actually saw their grandkids.”

In moments of joy like this, one of John’s first thoughts was of Miracles supporters like you. “I would quickly say a prayer for the donors back in Australia who had made this possible,” he says.

Since taking over from John as CEO in 2015, Jane Edge has enjoyed Miracles Day in much the same way, from taking phone calls on the day itself, to meeting the surgeons whose work you help fund.

“One surgeon really stands out for me,” says Jane. “Dr Mallick in Bangladesh, who has saved the sight of thousands of people over the past decade. It was incredible to witness him at work turning our donor’s support into real modern Miracles.”

Jane is really excited about the future of Miracles Day, seeing it as an event that will only grow and have an even bigger impact in people’s lives.

“Together, we can end cataract blindness in poor communities,” says Jane. “That’s the future of Miracles Day. And we want to invite even more compassionate Australians to join us in this work. Your kindness has the power to utterly transform people’s lives.”

So please spread the word, tell your friends, and invite them to join in the fun through our participating Christian radio stations on Miracles Day, Thursday 18 August. Thank you!

The Miracle you make possible…

Once, Sabina’s future looked bleak. Her father died when she was a baby. Her family was desperately poor. And then, because of cataracts in both her eyes… she started going blind. When she had to drop out of school, her mother worried of what her future held.

But then Miracles supporters like you stepped up and helped Sabina. You made her surgery possible. New replacement lenses in both her eyes! And her vision and her life was transformed.

Now Sabina can see again. She’s back in school. And her future looks very bright indeed. All because of you!

Thank you for making the Miracle gift of sight possible for more children like Sabina.

Don’t miss Miracles Day on Thursday 18 August!

301,439 Miracles because of you over the last 10 years

“People are so thankful for their $33 Miracle,” says Lucy Holmes, Radio Presenter, TheLight Breakfast.

I’m so passionate about CBM because they change people’s lives. They do it quietly and unassumingly every single day, day in, day out. No bells and whistles. No “look at us.”

Three years ago, I met a little six-year-old boy in the Philippines. He was blind and was about to receive his Miracle. The gift of sight. I asked, through the translator, what the first thing he wanted to see was.

He said, “I want to see my Mummy’s face”.

Speechless. Hot tears down my face.

Every time I have travelled with CBM, the people I have met have asked one thing of me. To thank you.

They want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

59,219 Miracles given in 2021. A record breaker. Let’s change even more lives this year!

It’s 10 years since CBM and a handful of Christian radio stations launched Miracles Day in 2013. Today, 33 radio stations across Australia are involved. Huge thanks to them all…

We need your help. Will you join our community of change makers?

The Australian Aid Program’s disability budget has endured a third devastating cut in the 2022/23 budget putting people with disabilities even further behind at a time when they desperately need our support.

CBM is advocating to the government to increase the disability inclusion budget to $14 million.

We believe the Australian Government can and should do more to ensure people with disabilities are front and centre. But it requires investment! Now, more than ever, it is critical that the Australian Government increases the central disability allocation to a minimum of $14m per annum, representing just 0.30% of Australia’s total aid spend.

You can help support CBM in this work by joining our community of change makers (#changemakers). The increase in funding is desperately needed to help save lives and livelihoods for people with disabilities. Thank you for your support!

“The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people with disabilities further into poverty. The federal government must immediately commit to increased funding for people with disabilities and reverse this catastrophic decline.” CBM Australia’s CEO, Jane Edge.

Join our community of change makers

Because of you, Australian churches are becoming more inclusive for people with disabilities.

For over 10 years, CBM Australia’s Luke14 program has been helping churches and Christian communities to become inclusive and welcoming places for people with disabilities and their families.

But the world is changing, and we knew that Luke14 needed to change with it, so in 2021, the Luke14 Microsite and Blog was born!

The new Luke14 online experience is co-designed with people with disabilities and church leaders, who shared their wisdom and lived experiences.

We’re now at the end of this process and excited to share the new online resources with you and your Christian community. 

Thank you to everyone who was involved and whose support made the relaunch possible.

Your generosity creates life-changing moments like this

The moment a child can learn. The moment a child can play. The moment a parent can provide. 

Let’s create even more life-changing moments. Yes! Let’s continue to spread hope where it’s needed most.