Sabina can see again – because of you

Sabina’s hopes and dreams were vanishing, but they’re back on track again because of amazing Miracles supporters like you. Thank you so much!

This year was a huge milestone for Miracles supporters like you – the 10th anniversary of Miracles Day!

Over the last decade you and our other cherished Miracles supporters have given more than 300,000 people their sight back. What an amazing achievement! We are so thankful for your wonderful support, and the love you have shown to so many of God’s children.

Sabina is just one example of the wonderful transformations you’ve made possible.

Sabina had a dream, to become a teacher. But her dreams were dashed when she was sent home from school.

“Her teacher hit her because she could not see properly,” says Sabina’s mum, Devi. “She had to stay home. She couldn’t go back to school. I see blind children on the street begging. I pray she doesn’t become like that.”

Devi is a single mother, working long hours just to afford bare basics, renting a tiny room in a small house on a dirt road. There was simply no way she could afford the treatment Sabina needed.

Then a miracle happened.

Faithful Miracles supporters like you paid for the sight-saving surgery Devi had been praying for. And Sabina can now look forward to a bright future.

As Sabina’s ophthalmologist, Dr Shewa, told us: “Sabina’s cataracts would have affected everything. Now, she can do anything she wants!”

As for Sabina, she is simply overjoyed now that she can go back to school and get her dreams of becoming a teacher back on track again.

“I can see better now. Thank you, Australia! Thank you for my Miracle!” - Sabina
“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”
2 Corinthians 9:11

Matthew has a bright future now – because of you

Matthew’s mum and dad were told that unless he had surgery, he would go completely blind.

They were filled with fear for their little boy. How would he go to school? How would he survive in the world?

The cost of surgery was more than twice what they earned in a month. They had no way of ever affording it. For years they tried to scrimp and save, but they never came close.

Matthew and his family needed a Miracle.

And thanks to you, they got one.

Because of you, and other kind and faithful people like you who gave to Miracles Day this year, Matthew received sight-saving surgery. At no cost to his family.

That’s what Miracles are all about… the transformative power of your faith in action. And every Miracle you make possible spreads so much joy. As Matthew’s mum says… “I am so happy my son can see! His future will be bright now!”

“I want to say thank you to the donors who have made this possible.
And I hope God will bless them and give them a long, long life!” – Matthew’s mum

You helped restore Aljon’s sight – and his sister’s!

Five years ago, siblings Aljon and Margil were going needlessly blind when wonderful Miracles supporters like you stepped in and changed everything for them both.

Margil had a dream of working in hospitality, but as her vision faded, so did her future. Aljon had already left school because he couldn’t see to study.

But today, thanks to your faith and belief in the power of Miracles, both Aljon and Margil’s lives have been transformed through the Miracle gift of sight.

Margil, now 12, is back at school in grade 5. “Life is brighter now!” she says, enthusiastically talking about the Hotel and Restaurant Management course she plans to take one day soon.

And Aljon, who now has a passion for basketball, is delighted too. “I can now see better. I am really grateful that I have been operated on.”

Thank you for letting God work through you to bring the light of the world back into Aljon and Margil’s life.

"The power of your generosity is astounding." - Jane Edge

Over the last 10 years, wonderful Miracles Day supporters like you have created more than 300,000 Miracles

That’s a hard number to imagine, but try to picture the MCG filled with people. Three times over. All are blind. Needlessly blind.

Yet now, because of your Miracles, they can all see. Every single one. They have a future. Children can go to school, parents can keep their jobs. Families and communities can rise up out of poverty and live the lives God truly wants for them.

God called you to help His most vulnerable children, and you answered Him. You showed up, with your love, faith and generous spirit, and you made it possible for Him to perform miracles.

Thank you for letting God work through your hands to do so much good in the world.

Catie’s “Patch Perfect” Miracle’s Day pledge!

12-year-old Catie set her friends, classmates – and all of us – a wonderful example this Miracles Day. She pledged to donate two months’ worth of her pocket money, that’s $330, to Miracles Day.

“When I saw an 11-year-old boy named Curtis last year, cleaning out wheelie bins to raise money for Miracles Day, I thought it was really selfless and it inspired me to do something. If I get to $330, that’s 10 surgeries – and 10 people whose lives will be changed forever.”

Catie also wore an eye-patch for two months to inspire her friends, family, and classmates to donate to CBM too.

At the latest count, Catie and her friends have made 36 miracles possible – an outstanding achievement! Thank you Catie, and thanks to all of you who made the Miracle gift of sight possible for people affected by cataracts this Miracles Day.

“I decided to wear the eye patch to experience what it’s like for people who are blind in one eye and the struggles they go through daily,” said Catie.

Because of you, Kenya’s most vulnerable people are no longer forgotten

The world might have turned its back on Kenya, but you are not.

Thank you so much for acting so quickly and so generously to help people with disabilities caught up in this devastating drought.

Your kindness and compassion was exactly what they need.

And your urgent response is already saving lives.

Your gift and the donations of other big-hearted CBM supporters like you is being used to get food, water, and essential supplies to people with disabilities in Meru, one of the worst affected parts of Kenya.

Thank you for saving precious lives. Thank you for remembering the neglected and forgotten. Thank you for being a channel for God’s great love.

But this crisis is far from over...

The situation in East Africa is still desperate. We estimate that it will get worse and continue for many months. People with disabilities are doubly vulnerable. They are trapped in this terrible crisis and are crying out for your help.

Any extra you can give today will help to save another life. Thank you!

Because of you… farmers like Mosa can sow the seeds of a stronger future

Before, Mosa’s life was so hard that his spade doubled as his walking stick.

Now, his life is transformed and looking brighter every day… all because of you!

Thanks to your kindness, Mosa has bought a sheep and a Zebu, which is similar to a cow, giving his family vital nutrients and a source of income.

Mosa was able to do this because compassionate people like you provided him and 1,100 other families like his with cash gifts to buy essentials.

By putting cash directly into the hands of struggling people like Mosa, you give them the power to make their own decisions about what they and their family specifically need. In this way you help them generate income, become more self-sufficient and survive the life-threatening drought.

And their local economy is getting a boost too – all because of you and compassionate people like you.

Because of you…

When we told you that people in Madagascar were suffering extreme hunger, you didn’t hesitate. Your outpouring of support and compassion saved lives – not only now, but into the future.

You’re helping starving families have food

Immediate care and life-saving food, water and medication was provided… all because of you.

You’re helping to reforest vast areas of Madagascar

Reforestation is reducing the impact of drought, and helping local farmers to build famine resilience for the future… all because of you.

You’re helping to get water where it’s needed most.

Hundreds of families now have secure piped water sources. Finally they have safe water to drink, and can water their crops…  all because of you.

Your generosity creates life-changing moments like this

The moment a child can learn. The moment a child can play. The moment a parent can provide. 

Let’s create even more life-changing moments. Yes! Let’s continue to spread hope where it’s needed most.