Mara’s prayers have been answered, because of you...

Mara’s heart is FULL of joy and thanksgiving, because of your exceptional kindness.

We recently shared with you the devastating crisis in Madagascar. People there are suffering deeply after experiencing years of drought and punishing cyclones.

Mara and her family were in a particularly difficult situation. Mara’s 12-year-old son Maharavo has both physical and intellectual disabilities. He’s unable to sit up, speak or chew on his own.

Before your kindness arrived, little Maharavo was wasting away…

Now, because of you, we are delighted to report this family is in a much better place!

Your support provided Mara and her husband with urgent financial support so they could buy food.

For the first time in years, they are able to eat three meals a day.

Your support also meant Maharavo’s father could buy a canoe – providing the family with a reliable income.

Their entire life has transformed from despair to joy, because of you.

There will still be many years of hardship ahead. It will take a long time before the land can heal and start to produce food.

But with the help of kind and caring people like you, CBM will continue to do everything in our power to bring hope to those in despair.

Thank you for supporting people in Madagascar through this desperate time of crisis.

Maharavo' family in Madagascar holding a Thank-You sign.

Because of you... Kajal is standing tall.

This bubbly, proud and excited 7-year-old is now thriving, because of you and your kindness.

You might remember that little Kajal was born with bowlegs. And her father, who himself has struggled through his entire life with bowlegs, didn’t earn enough to afford the treatment she needed.

Caring and generous CBM supporters like you reached into this desperate situation, and offered overwhelming hope and joy.

And because of you, Kajal is now walking tall.

Your generosity came just in time to help pay for Kajal’s surgery. Not only that, you also helped give her mobility aids to help her as she recovers.

Her father Babulal is thrilled to now have the training to help support both Kajal and her brother Omkar, during their recovery at home, post surgery… all thanks to you.

Kajal smiling in Nepal.

Now, thanks to your kindness, little Kajal is standing tall and facing her future with bright hope in her heart.

What a wonderful way to honour Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Thank you for giving so generously to help make this transformation possible for Kajal.

Her father told us,

“Kajal is now excited to go to school by herself, and carries her bag. She is really interested in studying and in her free time, she goes to play with friends. She is happy, and loves to sing.”

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help Kajal break out of a heartbreaking cycle of poverty and disability.

Sanjiya’s future is looking bright, because of you...

Content warning: this story refers to suicide, which may be distressing for some readers. If you or someone you know is in need of support, please consider calling Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14.


Today 14-year-old Sanjiya is unrecognisable from the deeply depressed and lonely young girl we first met.

She now sings, dances, and chatters excitedly about her future while her grateful parents look on with pride and joy.

And this is all thanks to you.

You might remember that Sanjiya suffers from a rare medical disorder called Conversion Disorder, which causes terrible seizures.

Frightened, lonely and miserable, Sanjiya began having suicidal thoughts.

The generosity of support like yours ensured the provision of free medication, counselling and support to Sanjiya and her family – completely transforming her life.

Rekha a CBM supported Child Mental Health Counsellor met Sanjiya recently and told us,

“Her situation has improved a lot. Both her depression and condition are getting better.”

It was Rekha who identified Sanjiya’s depression and helped connect her family with the support they needed.

Her work is vital in this region. There are no other organisations that support child mental health in this area.

Thank you for supporting her vital work.

Sanjiya’s mother asked us to pass these words on to you…

“We want to thank you. God guided us to you, and through you we got this support. ”

Thank you for pouring your love, care and compassion into the lives of children like Sanjiya, so they can look forward with hope and joy in their hearts.

Rekha a CBM supported Child Mental Health Counsellor

How spare change is changing lives

Every day, we are blown away by our CBM supporters. You really are an extraordinary group of people.

Through one off gifts, church collections, sausage sizzles and more – you are changing lives in some of the most remote and poorest regions in the world. And we simply can’t thank you enough.

One such gift came to us in December last year – when Dionne called and gave a whopping $940.

Dionne is part of a small group of supporters who have been donating annually for years. They collect cans and bottles all year, recycling them for change and adding it to a large jar.

Slowly, patiently, Dionne and her group gathered up all the spare change and this year donated it to the matching appeal – resulting in enough for 56 gifts of sight-saving cataract surgery for people in need.

What an incredible achievement!

Dionne told us,

“Giving financially can be hard for some, but through this simple action of collecting cans and donating the proceeds – it’s inspiring to know you can make such a profound difference for someone.”

We want to say a massive thank you to Dionne and her group – and to all the children who donate their tooth fairy money, to everyone who holds bake sales, marathons and more – you are all wonderful. Thank you again.

If you would like to be involved in helping people in need go to:

Be part of shifting the dial towards equity for people with disabilities

Please, will you champion the rights of people with disability in the Indo-Pacific?

Join with us in shifting the dial to equity, for people with disabilities and use YOUR voice to help influence the Australian Government’s upcoming International Disability Equity and Rights strategy.

This is an incredible opportunity to do good – because the outcome of this strategy will directly impact millions of people with disability in the Indo-Pacific.

A group of people standing outside with the caption 'Be part of shifting the dial towards equity for people with disabilities'

Your voice is needed to help encourage Minster Wong and Minister Conroy to be:

  • Ambitious – For 10% of Australian Aid to target disability equity by 2030
  • Accountable – Ensure larger programs include a disability objective
  • Resourced – Allocate $20m per year to spearhead disability equity

Please sign the petition at to help us shift the dial towards equity for people with disabilities. Thank you so much!