The Bethany Wake Stop Fistula Appeal

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If you have seen 'An Ordinary Girl', you will know what Bethany Wake was a remarkable 15-year-old Australian girl who loved God and people with a passion.

Bethany was devoted to helping the poor and disadvantaged and she dreamed of becoming a mid-wife one day as she was particularly burdened by the women suffering from obstetric fistula.

In her life, she began fundraising and awareness (The Blue Box) - even as she battled aggressive brain cancer.

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Bethany's Blue Box

Bethany's 'Blue Box' became famous throughout her illness as a box that people kept filling up with treats, so that Bethany could generously keep giving to all who visited her.

Any donations she was given, she also freely gave away to help those in greater need. We can be a part of Bethany's dream and keep her 'Blue Box' alive.

Please keep the box filled so that others can be blessed with the help they need. » Give to the blue box