Your gift will be multiplied 12 times in the fight against Trachoma

Sha’atu lives in one of the last villages who needs your help. She’s terrified her children will get Trachoma, because she knows the agony that’s in store for them.

Her eyes are already infected. Tears constantly run down her cheeks. Her eyelids have “flipped” so that eyelashes scrape against her eye with every blink.

Without help, Sha’atu will go painfully and permanently blind.

She says, “I can hardly keep my eyes open. My eyes are very teary, and it is very painful and itchy.”

Please, will you help Sha’atu, her children, and her entire village be set free from the misery of Trachoma?

All it takes to protect one child from Trachoma is one antibiotic pill per year. To protect an adult, it’s four antibiotic pills per year.

A generous partner organisation has already donated the antibiotics needed to protect the village where Sha’atu lives, and many more communities too.

We urgently need your help to distribute these sight-saving antibiotics, and help wipe out the last remaining hotspots of Trachoma. Please donate today!

Regular antibiotics can help children like Siraj avoid permanent blindness caused by Trachoma

Even though Trachoma is the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness, it is surprisingly easy to treat.

Siraj was most likely passed Trachoma by his mother or another family member who cares for his every need. Regular annual doses of antibiotics will help children like Siraj avoid permanent blindness.

Please give generously today and help stop Trachoma in its tracks. 

With the help of incredible CBM supporters, and that of partnering NGO supporters, victory after victory has already been won in the battle to wipe out Trachoma. But still remains the leading cause of infectious blindness worldwide.

In fact, it’s responsible for the blindness or visual impairment of about 1.9 million people.

These people are the poorest of the poor. With your gift, you can help set them free from the blinding misery of Trachoma and bring a little bit of Heaven down to earth for them.

Don’t forget, for every dollar you send, $12 worth of antibiotics can be delivered to villages and communities in need…

…which means the impact of your gift will be multiplied 12 TIMES!

Look at the incredible progress CBM supporters have helped make possible in the fight against Trachoma.

Now just a few hotspots and breeding grounds in Africa remain. Your gift will help us target the worst affected areas, and eradicate the threat of Trachoma, forever.

Maps showing the reduction in cases of Trachoma in Africa over the last 10 years thanks to CBM-supported programs.
Maps showing the reduction in cases of Trachoma in Africa over the last 10 years thanks to CBM-supported programs.

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” Proverbs 19:17