Regular antibiotics can help children like Siraj avoid permanent blindness caused by Trachoma

Even though Trachoma is the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness, it is surprisingly easy to treat.

Siraj was most likely passed Trachoma by his mother or another family member who cares for his every need. Regular annual doses of antibiotics will help children like Siraj avoid permanent blindness.

Please give generously today and help stop Trachoma in its tracks. 

Twelve good reasons to stop the spread of Trachoma this Christmas

When you generously give before Friday December 24, the impact of your kindness will be multiplied by twelve!


The antibiotics we need to protect people from Trachoma have already been donated but we can’t distribute them to families and communities without your urgent support.

For every dollar gratefully kindly received before Christmas Eve (Friday December 24), $12 worth of antibiotics can be distributed to the communities that need them the most.

Donating is quick and easy, follow the link today.

Living with Trachoma is terrifying

Heyiriya’s eyelashes were scraping constantly across the surface of her eyes, causing her constant pain with every single blink. Every blink scratched the surface of her eye, making her vision worse every day.

“For everything I do, I need my sight. I wouldn’t be able to see my husband, my children, my grandchildren. How could I take care of them?”

With thanks to the kindness and compassion of generous donors, thousands of people with Trachoma will avoid permanent blindness.

Your kind support today will provide access to medication to treat the infection and stop the pain.

Please will you make an online donation today and help heal those living with Trachoma?

Give today and help transform a poor, Trachoma-affected community

Antibiotic distribution and clean water are at the frontline of our battle against Trachoma. Without these two simple elements, people of all ages will continue to live in severe pain every time they blink with many going blind needlessly.

Your generous gift today will help those who don’t have the funds to seek treatment avoid the devastation of going blind and being unable to work, provide for their family and play an active role in the community.

Special request

Antibiotic distribution is the frontline in our battle against Trachoma, but nothing can protect a community as profoundly as a clean source of water.

We know that it is possible to eradicate Trachoma, it has already been eradicated in 13 countries around the world, thanks to work funded by generous donors.

If you have a deep affinity with our mission to help the world’s most vulnerable people, and the ability to donate $4,600 to drill and install fresh water boreholes for communities just like Heyiriya’s, please contact Tim Plunkett on 0488 500 991 or email as soon as you can.

Read the note from
Gizachew Abebe below...

Dear CBM Friend,

I’m so glad Jane asked me to write you this note, because I see your kindness saving people from blindness every day, and it truly lifts my heart.

Trachoma is so prevalent in the region where I work. Everyone is at high risk.

Mothers and children are most vulnerable and the risk is so high that they unintentionally spread the disease in the family. Once a grandmother like Heyiriya has active Trachoma, she can easily transmit the disease through the touch of her hands to her grandchildren.

But your donations stop this process.

Thanks to you, we go from home to home and examine all members in a community. We supply an oral dose of antibiotic pills to everyone at least once a year, through a mass medication distribution. This is how you help us kill the bacteria that cause Trachoma.

Through your support, we also provide education about facial cleanliness and hygiene and we help improve sanitation. And for those with active Trachoma we give Tetracycline, an ointment and broad-spectrum antibiotic, which treats the active infection.

Your Christmas gift is vital to accomplishing all of this work. Thank you so much for helping so many people. I pray that God will watch over you and your family this Christmas.

God bless you!

Gizachew Abebe
Ophthalmic Nurse & Community Worker with CBM partner GTM Butajira, Ethiopia